AECOM与Skidmore,Owings,Merrill和Nikken Sekkei一起担任主要景观设计师,占地25英亩的东京中城项目是世界一流的商业综合体,已成为东京都市的标志性建筑,也是日本的首映式。新开发项目包括约600万平方英尺的办公,住宅,零售和酒店空间。东京中城项目的景观设计标志着日本发展的重大转变,超过50%的土地是开放式或绿色空间。该综合体的多元化设计旨在与周边的开放空间和广阔的绿地进行对话,营造出室外环境与综合体内部之间的流动。新景观设计中最显着的特点之一是130多个成熟的树木被保存并移植到现场以形成“绿化通道”。 AECOM的设计回顾了曾经流传的现场和流水的历史,将传统的日本影响与现代设计元素融合在一系列由编织走道连接在一起的花园和喷泉中。项目于2007年3月30日开幕,荣获2008年城市土地研究所全球卓越奖。

AECOM, in conjunction with Skidmore, Owings and Merrill and Nikken Sekkei, served as master landscape architects to develop the former self-defense agency site in Roppongi, Tokyo.The 25-acre Tokyo Midtown Project is a world-class mixed-use complex that has become a landmark for the City of Tokyo, and the premiere address in Japan. The new development encompasses approximately six million square feet of office, residential, retail, and hotel space.The landscape design of the Tokyo Midtown Project marks a significant shift in Japanese development, as over 50 percent of the site’s land is open or green space. The complex’s diverse elements were designed to be in dialogue with the surrounding open-space and expansive greenery, creating a flow between the outdoor environment and the interior of the complex.One of the most notable features of the new landscape design is the more than 130 mature trees that were preserved and transplanted on the site to form a “greenbelt walkway.” AECOM‘s design recalls the history of the site and the stream that once flowed across it, blending traditional Japanese influences with contemporary design elements in a series of gardens and fountains linked together by the braided walkway.The project opened on March 30, 2007, and was honored with the Urban Land Institute’s Global Award of Excellence in 2008.