JTL Studio:受自由家树屋世界委托,在树屋酒店产品升级的背景下。业主期望通过户外景观空间营造促成酒店产品的二次升级。针对每一个树屋,业主希望在一个标准化的配套下,完成由树屋延展出的个性化景观功能需求。

JTL Studio:Commissioned by the ZYJ Tree House Villa, and under the background of product upgrading of Tree House Villa. The owner hopes to promote the second upgrade of hotel products through outdoor landscape space construction. For each tree house, the owner hopes to complete the personalized landscape function requirements extended from the tree house under a standardized supporting system.




In terms of space organization, we keep the original landform of the site as far as possible and create a comfortable and spacious outdoor environment under limited conditions.




The outdoor leisure space with a loose scale, the picnic space under the forest, the platform with a distant view of the scattered mountain clouds and mist, and the occasion where I expected to propose marriage. While creating functional rationality, we also hope that guests will find surprises reserved in the space design during their use. This is a small gift from the designer to every guest who USES the tree house garden.





We follow the natural and regional gifts, the landscape materials of the tree house garden, and we restore the environment by using local kenaf stones, bluestone, red oak, and so on. Subtract the state of the complex modifying and reducing material itself.




Every stone texture, every wood grain, has its own language to express the sound of the site.




Organize the plants in the site, look for suitable ornamental grasses, show the beauty of weeds and create a more natural and wild space. The planting and selection of hydrangea, Hosta, Pennisetum purpurea, Stipa, and each plant has experienced the four seasons test of Qiyun Mountain. Become a plant that fits the soil and climate of the site. There are many experimental challenges to the realization of landscape. It is a very interesting design process.



Through a year’s construction, plants grow freely and settle down over time. The tree house garden is becoming more and more full and mature. The appearance of receding youth became more stable and quiet in a lush pine forest.




景观设计:JTL Studio Pte. Ltd
项目团队: 刘展 陈膺 王小波 谭非 刘章 蔡蕊迪 刘强 彭可 陈月彤
甲方景观负责:张诚 杨超
地 址:安徽省黄山市休宁县齐云山镇
类 型:野奢酒店
景观摄影:石 波

Landscape Design: JTL Studio PTE. LTD
Project Name: Landscape of Tree House Villa in Qiyunshan
Project Team: Liu Zhan Chen Ying Wang Xiaobo Tan Fei Liu Zhang Cai Ruidi Liu Qiang Peng Ke Chen Yuetong
Client Landscape director: Zhang Cheng, Yang Chao
Article(Chinese): Chen Ying
Address: Qiyunshan Town, Xiuning County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province
Type: Wild Hotel
Completion time: 2017.8
Landscape Photography: Shi Bo
Architectural Photography: Provided by ZYJ


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