Carve :荷兰海牙的Van Campenvaart游乐场就是这样的一个项目。这个项目专门为残疾人设计,但却不会展现出他们的伤残。相反,各种环境的混合让他们很愿意进入,并不会凸显出他们的特殊条件。这样就产生了适合每个孩子的游乐场,所有的人都是一样的。

Carve :Van campenviaart playground in the Hague, Holland is one such project. This project is specially designed for the disabled, but it will not show their disability. On the contrary, the mixture of various environments makes them very willing to enter and does not highlight their special conditions. This creates a playground suitable for every child, and everyone is the same.



The playground was opened up from the lawn, using bright red color. A lot of slope changes are used to give people pleasant sensation in climbing mountains.