Buro Sant en Co:位于阿姆斯特丹Sloterdijk车站的前KPN大楼将改建为商业和娱乐中心Ven Amsterdam。在Ven Amsterdam,有两家酒店,一家赌场和创意公司的工作场所。改造是由ZZDP Architects设计的,Buro Sant en Co设计了户外空间的布局。

Buro Sant en Co:The former kpn building at Amsterdam’s sloterdijk station will be converted into the commercial and entertainment center ven Amsterdam. At ven Amsterdam, there are two hotels, a casino and a workplace for creative companies. The renovation was designed by zzdp architects, and Burk sant en co designed the layout of outdoor space.



大部分空间(28,000平方米)将由Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam City West酒店占据。酒店由近500间客房组成,其内部由设计师Karim Rashid设计。此外,还有一个B-aparthotels酒店,有60间服务式公寓,客人可以长时间或短时间入住。

Most of the space ( 28,000 square meters ) will be occupied by park inn by Radisson Amsterdam city west hotel. The hotel consists of nearly 500 guest rooms and is designed by the designer Karim Rashid. In addition, there is also a B-aparthotels hotel with 60 serviced apartments that guests can stay in for long or short periods of time.



在美国设计师和设计哲学家卡里姆拉希德的设计和建筑中,往往鲜艳的色彩和形状相互流淌。与Rashid的合作为Buro Sant en Co提供了将室内氛围扩展到外部的想法。Ven的多彩内饰与外面的中央广场无缝融合。

In the design and architecture of American designer and design philosopher Karim Rashid, bright colors and shapes often flow with each other. The cooperation with Rashid provides burko sant en co with the idea of expanding the indoor atmosphere to the outside. Ven’s colorful interior is seamlessly integrated with the outside central square.






来自Buro Sant en Co的景观设计师Sander Singor:“我们希望创造一个人们可以坐,放松,聊天,吃饭和闲逛的空间。曲线美的粉红色座椅区域和水上装置都被不断变化的灯光所吸引,这使得生活,色彩和能量出现在广场上。

Multifunctional point
Squares can be used in different ways. The overlapping circular curve of the building returns in the outdoor space. The focus of the outdoor space is the design of stainless steel awnings. the two fused circles reflect the reflected heat of the hotel. Mirrors create pleasant tones. The device element has an annular shape. Iron filings in hardening respond to the magnetic effect on the atoll. The ground is covered with innovative lightweight materials.

Sander singer, landscape designer from burko sant en co: ” we want to create a space where people can sit, relax, chat, eat and hang out. The curvy pink seating area and water installations are all attracted by changing lights, which makes life, color and energy appear in the square.





客户:DYDL propco bv

location:Arte Sella, Italy
Client:DYDL propco bv


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