Caprini & Pellerin Architectes:该项目于2009年竣工,是一个新建筑,但它看起来像一个古老的“普罗旺斯”农场,建筑师们用他们从修道院回收的旧石头和木头给别墅以真实的农场外观。该项目位于法国勒鲁雷特。

Caprini & Pellerin Architectes:Property completed in 2009, it is a new build that is made to look like an old ‘Provençal’ farm, the architects used old stones and wood that they recuperated from a monastery to give the villa its authentic farm look. The property is situated in Le Rouret, France.




完成年份: 2009年
地点: 法国勒鲁雷特

Completed: 2009
Location: Le Rouret, France

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