Wadi Al Azaiba公园是城市结构中一条绿化带,它连接了雅艾尔山区和阿曼海湾。该项目是玛斯喀特市开发的第一条绿化带,也是玛斯喀特新景观策略下的第一座城市公园。公园位于玛斯喀特中心的西部,距离东部机场5千米。在Al Udmaybah Ash Shamaliyah区域内,横跨了从As Sultan Qaboos到海岸边的居住中心。为当地居民和旅客重新设计公园是为了让这里的居民们能够重新建立与自然环境的联系。

Wadi al az aiba park is a green belt in the urban structure, which connects the Yael mountains and the gulf of Oman. This project is the first green belt developed by the city of muscat and the first city park under the new landscape strategy of muscat. The park is located in the west of the center of muscat, 5 kilometers away from the eastern airport. In the area of al udmaybah ash sha maliyah, it spans the residential center from as sultan qaboos to the coast. The purpose of redesigning the park for local residents and tourists is to enable the residents here to re-establish contact with the natural environment.




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