Studio Octopi《水之灵》是Mark Wallinger与Studio Octopi为Runnymede的国民信托基金会(National Trust)合作创作的一件重要建筑作品。这些艺术品是为了纪念《大宪章》的不朽遗产和持续意义。

Studio OctopiWrit in Water, is a major architectural artwork by Mark Wallinger, in collaboration with Studio Octopi, for the National Trust at Runnymede, Surrey.The artwork celebrates the enduring legacy and ongoing significance of Magna Carta.




Over 800 years ago, Runnymede witnessed the feudal barons forcing King John to seal Magna Carta – a founding moment in shaping the basis of common law across the world.


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Set in the heart of this ancient landscape, Writ in Water reflects upon the founding principles of democracy, and through a meeting of water, sky, and light, provides visitors with a space for reflection and contemplation.



这座直径15.4米的圆形建筑从库珀山底部的山坡上拔地而起。它所在的草地一侧是泰晤士河,另一侧是牛弓湖。针对这一景观特征,《水之灵》的名字来源于John Keats的墓碑上的题字,上面写着:“这里躺着一个名字是水之灵的人。”墙是用最古老的尺度单位——腕尺建造的,墙壁是由原址本身的夯石建造的,有深色的软木屋顶和碎石地面。

The 15.4m diameter circular building emerges from the hillside at the base of Cooper’s Hill. The meadow it sits within is flanked by the River Thames on one side and an ox-bow lake on the other.Responding to this feature of the landscape, Writ in Water takes its name from the inscription on John Keats’ gravestone, which reads, ‘Here lies one whose name was writ in water’.Built in cubits, the most ancient unit of measure, the walls are constructed of rammed stone from the site itself, with a dark stained softwood roof and crushed gravel floor.



一个外门通向一个简单的圆形迷宫,游客可以选择向左或向右转,到达一个向中央室开放的内部入口。在这里,天空透过一扇宽大的孔洞隐现在一池水面之上,反射着平静的海水。泳池内侧刻有喷弹不锈钢边,当游客绕着泳池转时水池露出字迹,水面倒映着《大宪章》(Magna Carta)第39条的反向文字。

An exterior doorway leads to a simple circular labyrinth, in which the visitor can choose to turn left or right to reach an inner doorway that opens out into a central chamber. Here the sky looms through a wide oculus above a pool of water, as reflective as a still font.The shot blasted stainless steel sides of the pool are inscribed on the inner side, the water reflecting the reversed and inverted lettering of Magna Carta Clause 39 as the visitor moves round the pool to reveal its words.




公司: Studio Octopi
类型: 艺术文化空间
状态: 已建成
地点: 英国
年份:  2018年
规模:  1000平方英尺- 3000平方英尺
预算: $500K – 1M

Firm:Studio Octopi
Type:Cultural Space
Location: United Kingdom
Size:1000 sqft – 3000 sqft
Budget:$500K – 1M


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