HWA安琦道尔:龙湖因地制宜,在打造超级商圈的同时,在滨水商圈旁再筑了代表城市奢居的御湖大宅—— “龙湖·昱湖壹号” 。旨在为重庆匠造一个全新的滨水商圈,以前所未有的国际视野,展现非凡的价值。昱湖壹号是重庆第一座真正的滨水商圈,巅峰创造山可筑望宅,水能造倾城,将梦想照进现实,让艺术赋予设计生命,以共生塑造未来城市生活,启示着龙湖作为城市造梦师改变重庆人居住生活体验方式的决心。

HWA:This project in order to create a brand-new waterfront business circle, with an unprecedented international perspective, it shows extraordinary value. With Chongqing’s first real waterfront business circle have been built, “Waterfront City” has given design life from art and shaping future urban life through symbiosis.


昱湖壹号位于新重庆中心礼嘉中央商贸区核心地段,阆水畔,紧邻重庆唯一滨水低密商圈。景观设计以 “阆水行舟人(客户,龙湖地产,两江新区)的所见所闻所想与 “重庆千年的航运文化” 为设计主线,描绘了阆水行舟人寻梦路上初见,归港,入梦的历程。

“Waterfront City” is located in the core area of the Lijia central business district, near the bank of the river, and is adjacent to the only low-density business district in Chongqing. The landscape design takes the ” langshui boatmen” ( customers, LongFor, new district ) and ” the shipping culture in Chongqing” as the main design line, and depicts the course of the journey, return to home and dream.


The overall design at the entrance shows the style of the mountain water city. The real scene and the effect map are almost the same, and the restoration degree is very high.




The landscape design at the entrance area takes the ” boat” as the prototype, and points out the concept of ” boat of extreme speed” in the whole area design.The sculptures on both sides are also contain certain meanings – the sculpture paper planes into paper boats, it means that the people who make a living outside will eventually return home.



The shooting angle of this photo also involves an interesting design. Generally speaking, the design of stepping stone on water surface is matched according to the pedestrian line. Here, the designer has set up a unique platform, so that people can have a panoramic view of the river. This also symbolizes the cultural spirit of Chongqing as a city of mountains and rivers, which is ” unyielding, unyielding, faithful, United and cooperative, open and seeking new ideas”. The platform is very close to the lake level, the far distance from the sales office. So when you look back, the building looks completely .



Accompanied by the mirror water around, the breeze came, shimmering water on the surface, which made people exclaim that it was the way home.



Sculptures on both sides accompanied the night and guided people all the way home.



Have a talk with your deep heart.Chongqing is a famous foggy city in our country. In this poetic city, everything is romantic.


Here, the wall is a part of the landscape. Visual effects symbolize the ups and downs of the harbor and the overall texture of the dock port. At the same time, they also seem to be a warship poised to launch.



The sculputure egrets symbolize peace and nobleness.


With the step of go upstairs people gradually enter the beautiful scene. The design first leads the viewer’s feelings. One step one scene at a time increases the space appeal. Through the glass wall, the viewer seems to be able to see the beautiful scenery of the inner courtyard, but cannot see through totally. It is half hidden and half shown, which inspires the peopler’s desire to explore.Walking along the corridor, you will first see a glass curtain wall, which is also half – covered, attracting people. You will come to the widest overhanging platform in the area that is not covered by sight. The “grey space” formed by this kind of open floor has no boundaries and is more cheerful. Indoor and outdoor, architecture and landscape are further integrated.




Wandering boats return to the harbor, where boaters expect to find traces of their homes. The river waves lapping at the banks of the river, the bubbles aroused, and the river water fading away leaving behind the texture of the sandbars. The natural texture is transformed into the conceptual prototype of the revetment in the design. The night is gradually sinking, the sparkling scenery of the sandbars are exactly the feeling of boaters returning home.


Returning to home, looking back on the sand bar, although with the passage of time, the sand bar is changing, the flowers are fading, and the buildings are fading, but the original harbor is still there, implying the eternity of home.Although dreams are full of unknowns, we wish everything to be better. in the harbor of dreams, boaters can find their dreams, find family, find friendship, and find the love that belongs to them.





Pushed open the glass door and looked at it at a glance, there is not only a flower sea, but also a copper flower sculpture featured in the pool. It is fashionable and beautiful, and has a sense of science and technology.

总平面图  Master Plan




Project name: Waterfront City
Authorized unit: Chongqing LongFor
Project area: 14230 ㎡
Landscape design: HWA
Construction: SOHAN
Architecture design: Tianhua
Landscape photography: Holi
Text editor: HWA


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