Bouet餐厅 by Ramón Esteve-mooool设计
Bouet餐厅 by Ramón Esteve
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2017-10-01 13:00

 新的Bouet餐厅作为享乐主义和感官体验美食空间。 一个复杂和休闲的地方自然而然地融合在一起:美食作为文化和生活方式的理念。
“建筑不是这里的目的:我们创造出事情发生的地方,在那里你可以享受被气氛包围,声音和温暖的照明。总而言之,一个你可以以最简单和更传统的方式快乐的地方 。
Bouet通过一种令人惊叹的语言汇集了美食和晚餐,沿着一系列缓慢展示魔法的房间。大堂的酒吧 - 您可以在那里品尝一杯咖啡、鸡尾酒和冷盘 。通过大窗户的光线将我们的目光聚焦到庭院,视觉上与餐厅内部相连。
新的和现有的材料的混合,结合了一个凉爽和适应的方式,实现了现在真正年轻的古老城市的放松但优雅的效果。我们在镜子,灯光和家具中发现的方面 - 为这个机构而精心打造 - 产生图像,反射和模糊内部。
“作为优秀设计,建筑和美食的大热情和爱好者,这个特殊的空间充当了体验质量与良好音乐,艺术展示,轻松感觉,和平与安静以及材质优雅相结合的基础。” Tono牧师yCésarLopo,Bouet餐厅。


Alfonso Calza, Jesus Orrico

The new Bouet defends gastronomy as a hedonistic and sensorial experience. Feelings and ideas are not only transmitted by their cuisine, but also by their premises and manners. A place were sophistication and casualness come together naturally with only one aim: the idea of gastronomy as culture and a way of life.

“The architecture is not the aim here: we create places where things happen, where you can enjoy being surrounded by the atmosphere, the sounds and the warm lighting. In conclusion, a place where you can be happy in the easiest and more traditional way: around the table” Ramón Esteve.

Bouet brings together the cuisine and the diner by means of a touching and surprising language, along a sequence of rooms that slowly reveals the magic. The bar in the lobby –where you can have a glass of cava, a cocktail and a cold dish- welcomes us to the main room. The light coming through the large windows focus our gaze towards the courtyard, which is visually connected to interior of the restaurant.

All the tricks and secrets are gone from the customer-opened kitchen, where the cook unveils his crafts and share the cooking experience with the diners.

The mix of new and existing materials, combined in a cool and befitting way, achieves that relaxing but classy effect of the ancient cities that now are really young. The facets that we found in the mirrors, the lights and the furniture –expressly crafted for this establishment- produce images, reflections and blur the interior.

“As big passionates and lovers of good design, architecture and gastronomy, this exceptional space acts as a base where the quality of experience multiplies with good music, art on display, its light sensuality, the peace and quiet and the elegance of materials.” Tono Pastor y César Lopo, Bouet Restaurant.

Some crude materials match other more refined ones, such as copper or marble, thus giving an apparently industrial look to the set. As if it were born spontaneously, as if things were just dropped there.



Ramón Esteve





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