Ecumenical Chapel - 与光对话的下沉教堂 by Bunker Arquitectura-mooool设计
Ecumenical Chapel - 与光对话的下沉教堂 by Bunker Arquitectura
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2017-10-10 16:50


 Estancia教堂是一个构想来庆祝生活的婚礼教堂, 教堂被埋在地下,围着它的螺旋坡道带给我们。这个斜坡的两侧是一个植被的墙壁,充当垂直花园。

在其中心处,会发现一个“眼睛”,金属板上有玻璃盖的开口,让阳光过滤 ,在里面产生光线和阴影图案。该空间被由分离的玻璃束围合,使空气流过其内部。  也是与外部植被和天空的视觉连接,不断提醒我们是一个整体的一部分,与我们周围的一切有关。

在教堂的中心, 顶部有一个巨大的石英,反射出通过“眼睛”的光。

A client that visited our Estancia Chapel contacted us to design a private chapel on the plot of land they had recently bought on the backside of their weekend house in Cuernavaca, Mexico. They wanted an Ecumenical chapel, a non-religious and universal space, to meditate. They liked our Estancia Chapel but wanted something more discreet, something that would be hidden from sight from their house. 

Our Estancia Chapel is a wedding chapel conceived to celebrate life and our Sunset Chapel is a mausoleum in a garden of crypts conceived to mourn death. This third chapel meant for meditation represents the midpoint between these two opposites, life and death, so it is a balance point, an opportunity to journey into our deeper self. The chapel is buried underground and a spiraling ramp that surrounds it brings us inside. This ramp is flanked with a vegetated wall that functions as a vertical garden. 

A water pond forms the rooftop of the chapel and at its center we find an oculus, a glass covered opening in the metallic plate, that lets sunlight filter through the water, generating light and shadow patterns on the inside. The space is contained by a lattice wall formed by separated glass beams that lets the air flow through its inside. The oculus is also a visual connection with the outside vegetation and the sky, a constant reminder that we are part of a whole and connected with everything that surrounds us. In the center of the chapel we find a metallic fountain with a giant quartz on top that reflects the light coming through the oculus.



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