Docklands 城市公园 City Park by MALA studio-mooool设计
Docklands 城市公园 City Park by MALA studio
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2018-01-02 16:17

新兴的风景园林公司MALA工作室为墨尔本港区的Amanda Levete 2015 MPavilion设计了一个新的绿地公园。马六甲最近为维多利亚地区制定了一个总体规划,将港区公园东部的破旧东西变成一个蓬勃发展的新娱乐和文化中心。总体规划旨在将社区建筑,多用途场地,公共艺术,现有公园和新的MPavilion区域与一系列休闲和花园空间连接起来。总体规划提出了一个新的体育健身公园,户外运动设备,乒乓球桌,瑜伽多用途空间,舞蹈,有氧运动和个人训练课程,硬和软的人行道和相当的花园角落。 MPavilion校区的实施标志着总体规划第一阶段的完成。设计旨在提升和庆祝MPavilion及其新的公园景观。标志性的港区材料,如混凝土,钢铁和木材是平衡与慷慨的草坪和花园,邀请游客坐在城市的喧嚣中坐,吃,阅读,玩耍和社交。在过去的15年中,墨尔本的港区已经从废弃的工业区转变为新的住宅,商业和体育中心。港区公园的复兴标志着市区更新项目的最新篇章,并赞扬维多利亚·格林(Victoria Green)和罗恩·巴拉西(Ron Barassi)雪山公园等公共空间。

Emerging Landscape Architecture firm MALA studio have designed a new parkland home for Amanda Levete’s 2015 MPavilion in Melbourne’s Docklands. MALA recently developed a masterplan for Places Victoria to transform the dilapidated eastern portion of Docklands Park into a thriving new recreational and cultural hub. The masterplan seeks to link community buildings, multi-purpose courts, public art, existing parklands and the new MPavilion precinct with a series of recreational and garden spaces. The masterplan proposes a new sport fitness park, outdoor exercise equipment, ping pong tables, multipurpose spaces for yoga, dance, aerobics and personal training classes, hard and soft pedestrian paths, and quite garden nooks. The implementation of the MPavilion precinct marks the completion of first stage of the masterplan. The design aims enhance and celebrate the MPavilion and its new parkland setting. Iconic Docklands materials such as concrete, steel and timber are counterbalanced with generous lawns and gardens to invite the visitor to sit, eat, read, play and socialise amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Over past 15 years Melbourne’s Docklands has been converted from an abandoned industrial precinct into a new residential, commercial and sporting hub. The revitalisation of Docklands Park marks the newest chapter in the urban renewal project and compliments other public spaces such as Victoria Green and Ron Barassi Snr Park.


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