Landscape Collaboration 是一家位于泰国曼谷的景观设计工作室。



Landscape Collaboration is a landscape design studio based in Bangkok, Thailand.

At LCO, we believe that a good landscape design should come from the new design solution that specifically fit for the project. We believe that our design solution will provide a new experience that creates a sense of place and a sense of joy for people who are visiting it. We believe that the new experience could inspire every individuals to enhance their sense of well -being in the better environment we have provided. That’s why we try to understand people from their point of view on what and how do they want to feel or interact within the landscape.

We are doing that in our collaborative design process where we research and work both internally and collaboratively with other consultants and owners. So that we can ensure that our design solution could provide the experience that could inspire individuals’ live.





招聘职位和要求 | Position & Requirement


. 初级景观设计师 Junior landscape architects


1. 参与协作设计过程;
2. 对项目进行设计研究和分析;
3. 协助从概念设计到施工图的设计开发;
4. 协助设计团队与中国客户及其他顾问进行沟通。

We are looking for Junior landscape architects who believe what we are trying to achieve. If you want to be with us, please review what we need from you. The candidate will work collaboratively with our design teams and clients. The responsibilities are as following;

1. Participate in the collaborative design process.
2. Perform design research and analysis for projects.
3. Assist on design development from conceptual design through working drawing.
4. Assist design teams to communicate with Chinese clients and other consultants.


. 岗位要求 Requirement:

1. 拥有景观设计或相关领域的本科及以上学历;
2. 在景观设计领域有0-5年的工作经验;
3. 有较强的中文和英文沟通能力;
4. 能够在团队中积极主动工作;
5. 爱创新和思考,有创意和想法;
6. 具有较强的图纸表达能力。

Our prospect collaborators must be:
1. Have Bachelor’s degree or above in landscape architecture or related fields.
2. 0-5 years of experience in the field of landscape architecture.
3. Have strong communication in Chinese and English.
4. Enjoy working proactively in the team environment.
5. Love creativity and ideas.
6. Have a strong graphic communication skill.




申请方式 | How to apply


联系人:Mr. Somkiet Chokvijitkul
联系电话:+(66)2 248-1143

Please send you portfolio and resume to
Contacts: Mr. Somkiet Chokvijitkul
Tel: +(66)2 248-1143
We are looking forward to review your works and have a discussion with you.




Landscape Collaboration作品展示 | Works Show


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