UNLIMITED METROPOLIS With the original intention of creating design value, based on the capital Beijing, and striving to become the most artistic and creative landscape design institution in China, the projects include luxury commercial real estate, multi-format hotels, industrial parks, modern residential communities, and large-scale park sand urban renewal.

Our team is to develop interest and diversity of the projects, and in other areas to explore design boundary, the accumulation of diversified design practical experience, and always try different type in the field of design, hope to integrated retail, lifestyle, aesthetic experience or different directions.




招聘职位| Position

Ⅰ. 景观主创设计师 Chief Landscape Designer


1. 建筑/景观/艺术/绘画等相关专业本科及以上学历;
2. 4-6年及以上本专业工作经验,有较强的独立完成方案构思、原创及深化能力、表现能力;
3. 有带小团队经验,具有国内大型开发商住宅项目经验;
4. 对行业发展有独到的见解和深刻的认识;
5. 有责任心、敬业精神及团队协调能力;
6. 熟练掌握CAD Sketch up Photoshop Rhino office等必要工作软件,且具有相当的徒手草图能力;
7. 有较好的文字功底和较强的语言表达能力,团队意识较强;
8. 良好优秀的审美能力。

Job Description:

1. Bachelor degree or above in architecture/landscape/art/painting and other related majors;
2. 4-6 years or more of working experience in this major, with strong ability to independently complete conception, originality and deepening, and performance;
3. Have experience in leading a small team, and have experience in residential projects for large-scale domestic developers;
4. Have unique insights and deep understanding of industry development;
5. Have a sense of responsibility, professionalism and team coordination ability;
6. Proficient in necessary working software such as CAD Sketch up Photoshop Rhino office, and have considerable freehand sketching ability;
7. Have good writing skills and strong language expression skills, and have a strong sense of teamwork;
8. Good and excellent aesthetic ability


Ⅱ. 景观设计师 Landscape Designer


1. 具有1-3年本专业工作经验;
2. 热爱设计以及设计相关领域;
3. 具有一定的美学基础及设计素养,对设计有一定的追求;
4. 具有较强的理解能力学习能力和逻辑分析能力;
5. 熟练掌握AutoCAD、Sketch up、Photoshop、InDesign等设计软件。
6. 良好优秀的审美能力及团队协作意识。

Job Description:

1. Have 1-3 years of professional work experience;
2. Love design and design-related fields;
3. Have a certain aesthetic foundation and design accomplishment, and have a certain pursuit of design;
4. Have strong understanding ability, learning ability and logical analysis ability;
5. Proficiency in AutoCAD, Sketch up, Photoshop, InDesign and other design software.
6. Good aesthetic ability and teamwork awareness.


以上职位工作地点:北京、上海 The above position are based in Beijing / Shanghai.




申请方式| How to apply


1. 明确求职岗位,并附上个人简历和作品集,格式为PDF;
2. 邮件标题注明姓名和应聘岗位,发送到


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1. Specify the job position, and attach your resume and portfolio in PDF format; 2. Indicate the name and the position you are applying for in the title of the email, and send it to:

Contact: Ms. Xu, recruitment phone: 13520033050 (WeChat)




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