studio on site“星之富士”在占地内的高低差达50米以上,其斜面上有草原、松林、杉林等,各种各样的表情都在马赛克状地展开。为了发挥自己的特征,我决定把场地大致分为上下两种区域,并对各自不同的乐趣给予补充。佳宾计划,将富士山和河口湖最理想的草原地带计划,樱花和红叶也在四季分明地点缀着。

studio on siteThe ” fuji of stars” has a height difference of more than 50 meters in the area, with grasslands, pine forests, fir forests, etc. on its slopes, all kinds of expressions spread out in mosaics. In order to give full play to my own characteristics, I decided to divide the venue into upper and lower areas and supplement their different interests. Jiabin plan, the most ideal grassland area plan for fuji mountain and Hekou lake, cherry blossoms and red leaves are also dotted with four seasons.






Guests to be picked up from the reception will leave the waiting team for the guest room. In order to prevent fuji mountain from entering the room, the pellets made up of multi-storied buildings should work hard at the location and extent of the park and try not to see fuji mountain. In addition, if you walk up inside the facility, there will be a lobby that will become the center of the Nello district. Starting from here, playing in the Woods, the waiting area is waiting. In the forest, the gods appeared in a circular ring like ” floating in the jungle” and prepared various places. Their respective places are all observing each other, and there are guests everywhere, just like a community living in a forest. In a sense, this is an attempt to insert a device into a familiar forest and make it a completely different place.





Project name: Hoshinoya Fuji
Location:  Japan
Area: 53968.78㎡
Completed: 2015-08
Client: 株式会社星野リゾート

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