SWA 集团 是一家由八个景观设计、规划和城市设计工作室组成的公司。我们的工作室位于美国和中国的主要沿海城市和中心城市。SWA不断寻求具有创新、创意、和原创性的设计以及研究,致力于为现在和将来创造更加宜居的世界。

SWA Group is a firm composed of eight landscape architecture, planning and urban design studios. Our offices are located in major coastal cities and urban hubs in the US and China. Collectively, SWA utilizes innovation, creativity, originality and research to create the most livable places for today and tomorrow.




招聘职位和要求 | Position & Requirement

. 市场经理 Marketing manager



SWA is seeking an experienced MARKETING MANAGER to lead the firm’s China marketing and communication operations for both US based offices and the Shanghai studio.The Marketing Manager will ensure that SWA’s expertise and ideas are communicated and understood by our clients and allied professionals. This position provides a key role in helping shape the firm’s future in China by showcasing our design work, values and commitment to creating a more livable world.

If selected to join our team, you will work closely with the firm’s Co-CEO in Shanghai, US based principal group and marketing team to develop a results-oriented approach to marketing our services in our pursuit of new clients and project opportunities. Creativity and clear communication strategies, paired with the ability to design graphically sophisticated social media content, proposal documents and specialty marketing collateral are required.


. 职位目的 Purpose of The Position:

1. 全公司营销和传播-原创内容创作、翻译、视觉优化由SWA美国市场团队创作的内容,并在各种社交媒体和传播平台上发布。
2. 社交媒体管理-帮助制定基于目标的传播策略,确定我们的目标受众和他们的兴趣,以指导宣传内容的选择和管理。
3. SWA品牌推广-通过我们的工作、研究和业务扩展,分享公司的价值观和社会贡献,继续提升我们的品牌力,并且向全世界受众传达我们的工作理念和文化。

1. Firmwide Marketing and Communication – original content creation plus translating and re-formatting content created by SWA’s US based marketing team for publication on various social media and other communication platforms.
2. Social Media Management – help develop a goal-based communication strategy that identifies our target audience and their interests to guide content selection and information curation.
3. SWA Branding – continue to elevate our brand by sharing the firms values and contributions through our work, research initiatives and outreach. Express the culture that shapes our work to the world.


. 主要工作职责 Primary Responsibilities:


1. 建立和管理公司在微信和其他媒体平台上的形象和内容。
2. 通过文字和图形创作适合特定平台的内容。
3. 监督并参与与现有客户和新受众的社交媒体交流讨论。
4. 定期开展社交媒体内容发布和活动,并跟踪成功情况。
5. 与其他SWA市场营销人员合作,开发能够吸引目标受众的内容 。
6. 探索参与新的社交媒体平台的方法 。
7. 通过定期发布符合受众需求和兴趣的相关内容来扩大我们的用户基础。
8. 与美国和中国的设计师、市场人员、外部意见领袖和相关专业人士合作,创作与我们的受众相关的内容 。
9. 项目摄影协调-与我们驻美国的影像总监和团队合作,为来访的SWA摄影师和国内摄影师组织项目摄影。包括安排摄影师和客户的现场参观、参加照片拍摄,与项目设计师的沟通协调等。
10. 项目跟进 – 与主要负责人一起,市场经理负责协调“资格申请”和“项目提案申请”的过程,包括跟踪进度,确定项目进行/不进行的决定,参加提案前会议,制定提案策略以及提案的制作和交付。


1. 协助开发全公司的营销材料和工具,包括宣传册、项目数据表、新闻稿、客户数据库、邮件等;
2. 开发内容、组织和维护项目宣传文本、员工简历和其他项目相关数据,以便在市场/业务拓展工作中持续使用;
3. 与其他SWA市场人员一起参加全公司的月度市场电话会议。

Communication Management:

1. Build and manage the firm’s social media profiles and presence on WeChat and related web platforms.
2. Create sharable content appropriate for specific networks through written and graphic content.
3. Monitor and engage in social media discussions with existing clients and new audiences.
4. Run regular social media campaigns and track their success.
5. Work with other firm marketers to develop content that engages our target audience
6. Explore ways to identify and engage new social media platforms
7. Grow our subscriber base by providing regular, relevant content that aligns with their needs and interests.
8. Collaborate with designers, marketers, external influencers and allied professionals in both China and the US to produce content relevant to our audience.
9. Project photography coordination – work with our US based Imaging Director and team to organize project photo shoots for both visiting SWA photographers and China-based photographers. This includes scheduling site visits with photographers and clients, attending photo shoots, requests for proposals and coordination with projects designers.
10. Project pursuit – Together with principals the Marketing Manager is responsible for coordinating the ‘Request for Qualifications’ and ‘Request for Proposal’ process including tracking progress, determining go/no-go decisions, attending pre-proposal meetings, strategizing the proposal approach, proposal production and delivery.

Marketing Material Management:

1. Assist in the development of firm-wide marketing materials and tools including brochures, project data sheets, press releases, client database, mailings;
2. Develop content, organize, and maintain project tear sheets, staff resumes and other project related data for ongoing use in marketing/business development efforts;
3. Participate in a firmwide monthly marketing call with marketing counterparts from other SWA studios.


. 所需技能和特质 Required Skills and Attributes:

1. 流利的普通话和英语的口语能力和书写能力。
3. 优秀的组织能力。能够独立工作,并具有创造性的团队精神。
4. 优秀的讲故事技巧,围绕设计项目、市场拓展或研究工作,设计简短而引人注目的沟通活动。
5. 能够理解并融入公司独特的多工作室文化。
6. 自我驱动,有创造力,能够产生想法,自我管理、和主动指导沟通活动和市场活动。
7. 具有积极的、寻求解决方案的态度和个人责任感。
8. 深入了解商务信函、公共关系、广告、市场和营销文案以及社交媒体的最佳写作和沟通实践。
9. 较强的写作、编辑和校对能力。
10. 具有获得报道版面和媒体报道的经验。
11. 有领导和激励员工制作高水平、品牌驱动的内容的经验。
12. 具有解决问题的分析能力,并能找到传达信息的最佳方式
13. 跨代沟通的能力
14. 具备在各种数字媒体平台上创建和分享内容的技术和能力

1. Verbal and written fluency in both Mandarin and English Excellent communicator and creative thinker with ability to use both data and intuition to inform decisions
2. A passion for and understanding of firm culture and our mission.
3. Excellent organizational skills. Ability to work independently and with a creative team.
4. Superior storytelling skills to engage designers, craft a brief and design compelling communication campaigns around projects, outreach initiatives or research endeavors
5. Ability to understand and integrate into the firm’s unique multi-studio culture
6. Self-driven, creative individual with ability to generate ideas, self-manage, take direction and proactively direct on-going communications and marketing initiatives
7. Professional demeanor with a positive, solution-seeking attitude and sense of personal responsibility
8. In-depth knowledge of best writing and messaging practices for business correspondence, public relations, advertising, marketing and sales copy and social media
9. Strong technical and persuasive writing, editing and proofreading skills
10. Demonstrated results getting story placements and media coverage
11. Experience leading and motivating staff to produce high-level, brand-driven content
12. Analytical skills to solve problems and find the best way to convey a message
13. An ability to communicate cross-generationally
14. The technological ability to develop and share content on a variety of digital platform


. 工作经历及教育背景 Required Experience & Education:

1. 应聘者应具有至少5年的传播、公关、市场营销、广告或其他相关行业工作经验。
2. 应聘者应对当前用于视频、图形创作、排版、社交媒体、网站设计和维护的软件及硬件系统有一定的第一手知识
3. 有创意写作、编辑和出版经验
4. 必须至少拥有设计专业、传播、营销、广告、工商管理、公共关系或其他相关学科的学士学位。有景观设计、建筑或相关设计领域经验者优先。
5. 市场经理将向SWA上海办公室汇报工作

1. Candidates should have at least 5 years – experience in communications, public relations, marketing, advertising or other relevant industries.
2. Candidate should have some firsthand knowledge of current software and hardware systems used in the creation of videos, graphic campaigns, desktop publishing, social media campaigns, website design and maintenance experience in creative writing, editing and publishing
3. Must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a design profession, communications, marketing, advertising, business administration, public relations or another relevant discipline. The preferred candidate has experience in landscape architecture, architecture or related design fields.
4. The Marketing Manager will report to and work from SWA’s Shanghai studio




申请方式 | How to apply



1. 简历;2.求职信,概述您将为SWA带来的独特价值;3. 至少五个写作案例;4.营销和市场工作的案例,以及您所创建的图文社交媒体帖子 (包含视频、印刷等各种媒体)。

申请材料请发送至:任海峰 hren@swagroup.com

To apply for this position, please submit a resume, a cover letter outlining the unique value you would bring to SWA, at least five writing examples, samples of marketing and communications work and samples of social media posts with both written and graphic content (video, print, various media, etc.) you have created to:Haifeng Ren hren@swagroup.com




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