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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: Purple box full of reverie,Construct a “garden” of a modern landscape box.The designer said this is an experiment of using color,It’s a resistance to the current flood of black, white and gray.



多彩  贵州·贵阳|Back to the Venue


In the New Shanshui Design Methodology, “this time, this place, this person”, this place”, the natural dimension of the landscape, in the national forest city – Guiyang. We emphasize locality and return life to nature.


▼项目区位  The project location



The site has natural selfless gifts. The woods are lush, the rocks emerge one after another, and the sun is blazing, but it is primitive and barbaric that is beyond its reach.


▼场地原状  Site to its original state

▼现场石头  The stone


边界矗立 景墙营造——新空间、新秩序。


The boundary stands and the scenery wall is created ——a new space, a new order.

In the irregular settlement environment, reconstruct the order and create a private field. The preserved giant trees and stones on the site are the continuation of the DNA of the colorful Guizhou. The colorful box created a special dimensional space which is different from the surrounding, once again blooming the emotion rooted in this land.


▼空间演绎  Space deductive


紫色·空间次元|Purple Dimension


Purple, under the forest, in the park. The shadows and the loneliness bloom in the forest, the scenery wall isolates the complicated interference factors in life. The design is to subtract the people who enter the space, creating a medium for the participants to have an intimate dialogue with the space.




There are still some connections remain between the new space and the old site. It drives people’s senses and triggers a daily poetry at the specific moment.


▼光影下,人与场地的接触  The contact between man and space under light and shadow



The space itself is never poetic, it is practical. Touch: the warm sunshine, the gurgling water and the rough stones. Sight: the natural light and shadow, changing color. Hearing: the vitality of people’s life, as well as the wind, the birds, and the insects in the woods… We hope to arouse the participation of people’s multiple senses in the space.


▼树枝在紫色不规则空间的光影下摇曳着  Branches swayed in the light and shadow of the purple irregular space



Purple, it creates an artistic and mysterious forest experience on the outside; on the inside it is a metaphor for the colorful Guizhou regional culture. Purple represents the respect of the designers to the site and gives participants a nostalgia.


▼设计巧妙的运用现场保留的石头  The design cleverly uses the stone retained on site


洞天·艺术漫游|Roaming Art Gallery


Spaces are connected through the narrow passages, brings visitors the atmosphere and perception of conversion in the tour. The light penetrated from the corridor, it opens up suddenly after a turn. The piled foot of the mountain brings mountain elements into the site. It turns out that the mountain you want to reach is where you are already in.


▼不规则的转换空间有光线透过  The irregularly transformed space has light through it

▼点缀自然的置石与形态优美的乌桕   Decorated with natural stones and beautifully shaped tallow

▼空间转换迎来开朗的空间,漂浮的休闲平台,碎石块的水景   The space transformation ushered in the open space, the floating leisure platform, the stone block of the water feature

▼休闲平台地面采用越南黑石材的烧洗面铺装,墙面是拉丝面设计,感受场地带来的质感  The floor of the non-leisure platform is paved with Vietnamese black stone, and the wall is designed with brushed surface to feel the texture brought by the site



The entrance of the cave remains related to the surrounding scenery. The scenery is introduced into the interior. At the junction of the volumes, a hole that maintains “permeability” with the internal space is also created, and “permeability” creates “depth of field” and “light”, which is dramatic And imagination also started to happen.


▼展示区的洞口  The entrance to the exhibition area

▼洞口夜景  The hole at night

▼长廊内部保留的石头,犹如自然生长出来的  The stone inside the long corridor is preserved as if it had grown naturally


在不知不觉中 停留、观赏,前一秒沉浸廊架洒下的光影,下一瞬间被纯白的艺术品所吸引,身体周围的持续性变化,是一直如影随形的。

Unconsciously staying and watching, immersed in the light and shadow of the gallery in the previous second, then attracted by the pure white artwork in the next moment. The continuous changes around the body have always followed.


▼长廊夜景动图  GIF of night view of promenade

▼长廊内部光影是撒下的星光  The light and shadow inside the corridor is the starlight

▼光影下的石头步道  A stone walkway in light and shadow


尺度·氛围营造|Atmosphere Creation


Hustle and tranquility: it is not just a single audio-visual transformation. Through the erection of the scenery wall, it shapes the mystery of the corridor and the beauty of artistic conception, creating the emotional appeal of the site.


▼不一样的色彩景墙动图  Different color scene wall GIF

▼森林中色彩绚烂的景墙  Colorful landscape wall in the forest

▼去探索景墙背后的神秘感  Discover the mystery behind the wall



The main entrance uses a large-area colorful glass to build the wall, and the arc-shaped design allows the space to shrink into a container. The wall of illusion stimulates the perception of visitors. from the disorganized residential area to the dimension, we entered a mysterious art space.


▼光影下的炫彩玻璃墙动图  A GIF of a colorful glass wall under the light and shadow

▼行走于树林与炫彩玻璃墙之间,感受神秘的艺术空间  Walk among the trees and the colorful glass walls, and feel the mysterious art space

▼保留的香樟树  Reserved camphor trees



Entering from the forest, walking in the corridor, a canyon-like walkway flanked by native rocks, and whirling sparse forests. The mountain is looming in the cave in front, walking along the natural path. Viewing, watching exhibitions, resting, and negotiating, all these activities could be held in the passage.


▼穿行在峡谷般的道路上,一侧是紫色的景墙,一侧是开阔的疏林  You walk along canyon-like roads with a purple landscape wall on one side and open open woods on the other

▼婆娑的疏林下是原生的岩石  Beneath the whirling trees are native rocks


土地·连接自然|Connect with Nature


Stones, trees, walls, light and shadow radiate the vitality of the venue.


▼自然生长的石头与石榴树形成视觉中心  The natural stones form visual centers with the pomegranate trees



The setting of the backyard gives visitors a rest space. It is an integral part of the whole. After moving, it is quiet and enjoys the landscaped surrounding while resting. The natural native stone continues to grow in the new space, and we can see the poetic micro-landscape of time precipitation.


▼在山水环抱的院子中休憩  Take a rest in the courtyard surrounded by mountains and rivers

▼原生的置石在空间的更新后依然生长着  The native place the stone after the update is still in space is growing


设计师说|Designer’s Testimonials


In the CRCC·Tiejian City project, we merge and infiltrate the space with the methods of splitting, perceiving, seeing and unseen, in order to bring people to reunion. After all, an inclusive, harmonious, pure and natural living environment requires communication and dialogue between people and the site.




What we are doing is reconciling the contradictory relationship between the project and the site, recreating the space atmosphere, combing from the single building to the overall space system, and shaping the overall experience of the project with the overall design thinking. The use of large areas of color is a breakthrough in the current stereotyped black, white and gray design.




We believe that the exhibition area is not an abstract concept. It needs to consider its practicality, ecology, interactivity, ideology and regionality to obtain the ability to empathize with each symbiotic individual.




The intuitive perception of color has become the artistic expression of space, which collides with the inheritance and translation of local culture, formed a two-layer relationship between the surface and the inside. We use color boxes to trigger space thinking and look forward to the future life of Guiyang Tiejian City. It should be as colorful as the booming Guiyang, full of hopes and surprises.





建筑设计:EMO 北京易墨建筑设计事务所

Project Name: CRCC· Tiejian City
Entrusted owner: China Railway Real Estate Group (Guiyang) Co., Ltd.
Landscape design: Shanshui Bieder Sunhu Innovation Research Institute
Architectural design: EMO Beijing Yimo Architectural Design Office
Landscape construction: Beijing Hualin Meidi Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Landscape Photography: Holi Beaver-Landscape Photography, Shanshui Bieder Brand Department, Sun Hu
Project location: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province
Design area: 8000㎡
Design time: August 2020
Completion time: November 2020


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