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Belt Collins: Jiangmen is famous for its hometown of overseas Chinese. There are many Chinese and compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in Wuyi area, all over the world. The term “Hundred Birds Homecoming” represents the simple longing and aspirations of many overseas Chinese, and Jiangwan International’s vision is to put the nostalgia and expectations of these people who have returned home.




The project evolved from the “Happy Journey of the Grenade Young”, extracting the graceful and graceful posture of the Grendel, and presenting the essence of the god bird born in the heaven and the earth and growing up in the heaven and earth in every story node in the garden, to see the river, search for the brocade, Drinking and listening to tranquility are the journey line, starting with modern natural style, and pour the willfulness and carefreeness of the divine bird to the sky, which is fascinating.


▼总平面图 The total floor plan



The demonstration area is composed of three major sections: Chengyang, Yufeng, and Youming. In the sun, a large area of mirrored water creates a sense of floating and provides a starting point for the landscape sequence of the site; in the wind, the designer uses the depth of field to digest the height difference, and increases the sense of viewing expectation through the transition of the space, paving the way for the atmosphere to enter the exhibition area; The open stepped waterscape and green plants focus on the visual impact of a comfortable and large space. The irregular and changeable waterfront borders enrich the experience of the waterfront walkway.


▼空间分析 Spatial analysis



睹川  See the river



Inspired by natural ecological elements, the project provides designers with interesting terrain and ground textures from different ecological elements such as the ocean, sand dunes, swamps, depressions, mounds and forest landscapes. The concept of “Nature and Art” was explored, and the transformation of different shapes, colors and textures when different ecological elements merged with each other was studied.

The design takes nature as the theme, planning and designing according to natural laws, pursuing function and sequence, and striving to use the simplest landscape language to briefly describe the most spiritual living space.


▼效果图鸟瞰 A bird’s eye view of the effect

▼实景图 photo realistic



The waterscape of the atrium has a jagged outline in the first half, with depressions as the theme; the second half has a rounded curve with the ocean as the theme. The different ecological elements of the scene of the one side can be freely converted, extending the diverse landscape resonance, and the designer has created an infinite landscape experience in a limited space.



觅锦  Search for the brocade


The entrance gate is magnificent and built with the specifications of the palace gate. It adopts regular plant outlines and waterscape shapes to enhance the sense of dignity in the process of “entering” and satisfy the people’s pursuit of natural feelings and their own spiritual world.


▼示范区入口鸟瞰 A bird’s eye view of the entrance to the demonstration area



The designer embodies emotions in the scene, intending to awaken people’s most authentic natural memories and artistic feelings. Use open courtyards to interpret modern oriental rhythms, smooth entrance curves, quiet road paving, lush and characteristic plants… Layers of progressive landscape elements enrich the emotional colors in the garden and build a sensory interaction Immersive scene.




In the arrangement of the landscape, the designer abandons the cumbersome design and outlines the landscape with clear lines to create a landscape space with ease. This space has a sense of exquisiteness and exquisiteness, and creates quality with ingenuity, paying tribute to the human settlements of the Jiangmen era.



醴饮  Drinking fountain


When you enter the depths of the garden, with the gurgling spring water, you can sit in the courtyard for a nap, enjoy tea and talk with your friends, and talk to each other. There is nothing more in life than this. Have fun, have fun!




Passing through the long landscape prefix, the depth of the garden is suddenly open. A large area of waterscape reflects the sky and clouds. No matter where you stand, you will see a perfect landscape, like drawing from the top to the bottom. The strokes are like poems, and the colors are like tunes.



聆静  Listening to tranquility


Until the night is getting darker, the moon is pouring, and the tiny lights are lit, looking for the breeze from the Xijiang River, people walked back to the garden on the moonlight, and the place where they entered the eye was a unique scenery.


▼夜景鸟瞰 At night have a bird’s eye view of



Each landscape zone in the garden presents diverse characteristics and atmospheres by matching different plant species and pavements. The space layout, lighting and other landscape elements further emphasize the individuality of the landscape zone. Like a collection of books with rich plots, it is overwhelming and passionate.






Project Name: Jiangmen China Railway Construction·Nanguang Jiangwan International
Project location: South of the intersection of Huasheng Road and Fengxiang Road, Tangxia Town, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province
Developer: China Railway Construction Group, Nanguang Group
Design time: 2020.08
Completion time: 2021.03
Area: 9792.49m²
Landscape area: 8589.05m²
Landscape design: Bell Collins International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
Landscape design style: modern style
Project Type: Residential
Project Photography: Qiu Wen Architectural Photography


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