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External Reference:Escaleras y Mirador Vela是External Reference公司在巴塞罗那Passeig del Mare Nostrum海滩设计的新项目。该项目诠释了一种特殊的港口环境:其与W酒店的连接建立起一种新的关系,在这里,强劲的海潮与每天进行各种户外和休闲活动的人群在同一空间中共存,形成了一幅独特的风景。

External Reference: Recently opened to the public “Escaleras y Mirador Vela” is a new project of the architecture firm External Reference, led by architect Carmelo Zappulla, which for the first time generates a connection between the Passeig del Mare Nostrum and the Plaça de la Rosa dels Vents, on the beachfront of La Barceloneta. The project interprets a special port context: the connection develops a new relationship with the W Hotel, where the strong tides of the sea coexist with a unique concentration of people and users who carry out a variety of outdoor and leisure activities on a daily basis.



根据项目委托人Nova Bocana的要求,设计团队需要提供一个解决方案,以消除现有的道路死角,并利用场地上现有的海堤作为支撑,将两个不同高度的空间连接起来。这一诉求为海滩提供了创造新外观的机会。

According to the requirements of Nova Bocana, it was necessary to design a solution that eliminates the existing cul de sac and connects the two different levels using the existing seawall as support. This provided an opportunity to generate a new façade for the Passeig del Mare Nostrum.




The project includes a reinforced concrete stairway of 48 steps that bridge an 8.50 meter difference in height along a linear route of 48.45 meters. The project includes a walkable architectural façade consisting of a staircase and an elevated walkway rising +9.30 meters.




The design was conceived as a tectonic element that derives its morphology from the formations of salt crystals that grow in the small Mediterranean water reservoirs, captured by the irregularities and accidents of the marine rocks. Based on this phenomenon, the staircase “crystallizes” in the existing nook at the intersection of the promenade of the Barcelona coastline and the monumental seawall that protects it from the rush of the Mediterranean tides.



从构图的角度来看,Escaleras y Mirador Vela被开发为现有的海堤和通向长廊的新立面这两堵墙之间的雕塑,邀请公众体验一个朝向大海的新城市空间,并创造一个俯瞰地中海和城市的观景台

From a compositional point of view, “Escaleras y Mirador Vela” is developed as a sculpture between the existing seawall and the new façade that opens up to the promenade, inviting the public to experience a new urban space that projects towards the sea and generates a balcony overlooking the Mediterranean and the city.




The new promenade is a prefabricated concrete structure. The new façade it creates toward the seafront promenade is clad with triangular concrete bio-receptive panels that incorporate the use of low-maintenance vegetation and a lighting system.




The panels were optimized utilizing parametric strategies, and were designed in a way that encourages the surface growth of native plants (Lobularia Maritima, Lampranthus Spectabilis, and Drosanthemum Floribundum). In addition, it integrates a fiber optic lighting system that makes its surface vibrate at sunset.



设计师相信,这条海边的人行通道将作为一种催化剂,改变广场和长廊之间的动态关系,尽管它们之间位置相邻,但直到该项目落成之前,两个空间都处于相对独立的状态,各自进行着不同的活动。如今,它们通过Escaleras y Mirador Vela的连接,变成了发现和体验之旅的的重要部分。

“We believe that the path will act as a catalyst that transforms the dynamics between the square and the promenade which, although adjacent spaces, until now had separate activities. They are now dialogic parts of a chain of discoveries and experiences that pass through Escaleras y Mirador Vela”. Zappulla explains.


▽设计图纸 Design drawings




项目名称:Escaleras y Mirador Vela: a Unique Viewing Platform Over the Mediterranean Sea
地点:西班牙巴塞罗那Passeig Maritim Barceloneta
客户:Nova Bocana
建筑师:External Reference
建筑师项目总监:Carmelo Zapulla
组长:Sebastian Amorelli
设计团队:Carmelo Zappulla, Sebastian Amorelli, Ilaria Rampazzo, Ivan Marchuk, Stefano Fontolan
项目管理:Pigra engineering
土木工程:Josep Lluis Blanch,Pigra engineering
摄影师:Adrià Goula

Project name: Escaleras y Mirador Vela: a Unique Viewing Platform Over the Mediterranean Sea
Location: Passeig Maritim Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
Client: Nova Bocana
Completion time: June 2022
Total building area: 1030㎡
Architect: External Reference
Architect Project Director: Carmelo Zapulla
Team leader: Sebastian Amorelli
Design team: Carmelo Zappulla, Sebastian Amorelli, Ilaria Rampazzo, Ivan Marchuk, Stefano Fontolan
Project management: Pigra engineering
Civil engineering: Josep Lluis Blanch, Pigra engineering
General contractor:Construcia
Photographer: Adrià Goula




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