Ramboll Studio:碧山公园是新加坡中心地区最受欢迎的新加坡公园之一。作为迫切需要的公园升级计划的一部分,并计划改善公园边缘的加冷河通道的能力,同时进行的工作是将功利主义的混凝土渠道改造为自然化的河流,为社区创造新的空间。

Ramboll Studio:Bishan Park is one of Singapore’s most popular parks in the heartlands of Singapore. As part of a much-needed park upgrade and plans to improve the capacity of the Kallang channel along the edge of the park, works were carried out simultaneously to transform the utilitarian concrete channel into a naturalised river, creating new spaces for the community to enjoy.




This project is part of the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) Programme, a long-term initiative to transform the country’s water bodies beyond their functions of drainage and water supply, into vibrant, new spaces for community bonding and recreation.




在璧山公园,2.7公里长的直线混凝土排水道已经修复成长3.2公里的蜿蜒曲折的自然河流,蜿蜒穿过公园。 62公顷的公园空间经过了高雅的重新设计,以适应包括波动的水位在内的河流系统的动态过程,同时为公园用户提供最大的利益。


At Bishan Park, a 2.7 km long straight concrete drainage channel has been restored into a sinuous, natural river 3.2 km long, that meanders through the park. Sixty-two hectares of park space has been tastefully redesigned to accommodate the dynamic process of a river system which includes fluctuating water levels, while providing maximum benefit for park users.

Three playgrounds, restaurants, a new look out point constructed using the recycled walls of the old concrete channel, and plenty of open green spaces complement the natural wonder of an ecologically restored river in the heartlands of the city. This is a place to take your shoes off, and get closer to water and nature!

客户: PUB,新加坡国家水务局,国家公园管理局
洛卡尔合伙人: ch2m希尔
建筑: 2012年

Client:PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, National Parks Board
Engineers:Peter Geitz und Partner
Lokal Partners:CH2MHill
Expertise:park, community participation, river restoration, water sensitive urban design
Area:Masterplangebiet 140 km² 63 ha

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