Reed Hilderbrand:  蓝色花园——曾经是纽波特上流社会的著名“秘密花园”——它为保留最初的意图而被重新诠释,同时也提供了一个更加可持续的未来。

Reed Hilderbrand:  The Blue Garden – a once-celebrated “secret garden” for Newport’s high society – is reinterpreted to preserve the original intent but provide for a more sustainable future.



总平图  Master Plan


这座蓝色的花园是由小弗雷德里克·劳·奥姆斯特德(Frederick Law Olmsted Jr.)和奥姆斯特德兄弟公司(Olmsted Brothers firm)为矿业巨头阿瑟·柯蒂斯(Arthur Curtiss)和哈里特·帕森斯·詹姆斯(Harriet Parsons James)在他们的纽波特庄园(Newport estate)设计的,是美国园林黄金时代最著名的作品之一。从1913年开业到20世纪30年代,这个经典的意大利风格的花园房间因其独特的园艺色彩而闻名于世——蓝色和紫色的单色集中,像一个“秘密花园”,坐落在罗德岛半岛崎岖不平的巨石中,茂密的常青植物后面。亚瑟和哈里特于1941年去世后,他们的财产被进一步分割,在花园的原址上建造了一个私人住宅。

The Blue Garden, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr., and the Olmsted Brothers firm for mining magnate Arthur Curtiss and Harriet Parsons James on their Newport estate, was one of the most celebrated creations of the Golden Age of American gardens. This classic Italianate garden room was celebrated in its heyday, from its opening in 1913 through the 1930s, for its unusual horticultural palette — a monochromatic concentration of blues and purples, nestled like a “secret garden” behind dense evergreen plantings amid the rugged boulders on this Rhode Island peninsula. Following the deaths of Arthur and Harriet in 1941, their property was subdivided and a private home was built on the site of the garden.



2011年,著名慈善家多兰斯·汉密尔顿(Dorrance Hamilton)收购了詹姆斯庄园,并对其进行了重组,目标是修复蓝色花园。Reed Hilderbrand带领一个多学科团队揭开了这个独特花园的面纱,并重现它的辉煌。为了重建和重新诠释这个空间,该团队制定了一个更新策略,考虑到了最佳的保护措施,并与当代的环境责任标准保持一致。这需要仔细审查奥姆斯特德国家历史遗址(位于麻萨诸塞州布鲁克林)的文件、计划和照片,以及全国各地的档案,同时还要仔细分析遗址的现有条件和建筑文物。

In 2011, celebrated philanthropist Dorrance Hamilton acquired and reconstituted the James property with a goal of restoring the Blue Garden. Reed Hilderbrand led a multi-disciplinary team to uncover this unique garden and recreate its splendor. To reconstruct and reinterpret the space, the team fashioned a renewal strategy mindful of best preservation practices and consistent with contemporary standards of environmental responsibility. This required studious review of documents, plans, and photographs at the Olmsted National Historic Site in Brookline, Massachusetts, and archives across the country, along with careful analysis of the existing conditions and architectural artifacts still on the site.


植物种植  Planting design    



Today, the new Blue Garden exists as a testament to America’s cultural legacy of extraordinary landscapes.



地点: 美国罗德岛纽波特
日期: 2012 – 2014年
面积: 1英亩
领导: Doug Reed; Joseph James
团队: Sarah Vance; Arleyn Levee; RP Marzilli
表彰: 2017年BSLA设计荣誉奖

Location: Newport, Rhode Island, USA
Dates: 2012-2014
Size: 1 acre
Leadership: Doug Reed; Joseph James
Team: Sarah Vance; Arleyn Levee; RP Marzilli
Recognition: BSLA Honor Award for Design, 2017

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