STX Landscape Architects项目位于新加坡Tanah Merah Kenchil大道的私人住宅公寓,是一座城市生活空间,设计巧妙地将独特的马赛克图案融入景观和水景中。这种郊区住宅景观需要将审美偏好与预算需求相结合,独特创新设计树立了新的基准。

STX Landscape ArchitectsA private residential condominium located at Tanah Merah Kenchil Avenue in Singapore, Casa Merah is an urban living space that skilfully incorporates unique mosaic patterns in its landscapes and water features. By combining aesthetic preferences with budget requirements, this suburban residential landscape’s distinctive and innovative designs set a new benchmark.



暖色系水洗石铺装与泳池底冷色系蓝绿色铺装的对比,搭着周围充满翠绿色的环境。让这个夏季变成了一片郁郁葱葱的热带绿洲。 起伏不定的水墙和水台将上部和下部景观连接在一起,形成一条蓝色流动带,通过路径创造出舒缓的噪音缓冲区。 丰富多彩的树叶营造出富有生物多样性的微观环境,为居民创造了一个孕育生存的空间。这里的居民区与郁郁葱葱的树木和宽阔的檐篷相映成趣,泳池就类似于一个宁静的水库,围绕它拥有许多放松的休憩玩耍空间,居民可以观察瀑布水元素的美景。

The contours of the greenery, swimming pool and terraces are inspired by the distinct appearance of parched red soil during an intense, dry summer that is transformed into a lush, tropical oasis. The surrounding environment is filled with emerald greens and teal blues. The lush array of foliage cultivates a micro-environment rich with bio-diversity, and creates a nurturing, living space for residents. Undulating water walls and water terraces connect the upper and lower landscapes together with a flow of azure blues, creating a soothing noise buffer by the pathways. Bursting with lush trees and broad canopies, the residential area resembles a serene reservoir with many relaxing vantage points for contemplating the beauty of cascading water elements.



Gold: Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards (SLAA), 2015

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