Studio JEDT :景观概念来源于海滨码头,而景观应用的并非是水景元素,中庭以大面积的草坪代替水,因此减少未来维持成本。长廊、跳台、台地等等模拟码头的延伸感,大量的台地草坪可能使它的花园区充满活力和愉快的氛围。次级步道,自然错落的排布方式,同时融入了仿真草坪增加了自然绿量。

Studio JEDT :The concept of landscape comes from the seaside wharf, and the landscape is not applied with waterscape elements. the atrium replaces water with a large area of lawn, thus reducing the maintenance cost in the future. Promenade, platform jumping, platform and so on simulate the extension of the wharf. a large number of platform lawns may make its garden area full of vitality and pleasant atmosphere. The secondary footpath is arranged in a natural and scattered way, and at the same time, the simulated lawn is integrated to increase the natural green quantity.



Photos by PanoramicStudio.

项目名称: 泰国以“滨海码头”为灵感的别墅住宅
地点: 泰国
完成时间: 2017年
风景: Studio JEDT
客户: AP Thai

Project name: Centro Chaiyaphruek – Chaengwattana
Location: Thailand
Completed: 2017
Landscape:Studio JEDT
Client: AP Thai

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