terrain-nyc :   2004年,terrain-nyc与Lee Weintraub LA合作开发和建设了位于Red Hook一英里长的海滨公园伊利盆地公园。

terrain-nyc :    In 2004, terrain – NYC and lee wein traub la jointly developed and constructed the Yili basin park, a mile long seaside park located in red hook.


The project, owned by IKEA, turned out to be a working seaside, including a large dry dock, dock, storage shed and transfer cranes, which were repaired and integrated into the park to maintain contact with the on-site industry in the past.


Yili basin is a public facility that combines waterfront promenades, parks, and retail centers to connect people to the waterfront and serve as a transportation hub for water taxis to Brooklyn, Manhattan, and queens.该工地的工业过去造成了许多技术挑战,其中包括:建造码头结构,毗邻新的板材桩和新的填充。为应对设计挑战,团队在整个园区开发出多项创新策略:沿公园周边的连续长廊提供了连接公园两端相邻街道的一层平坦无障碍长廊; 沿着长廊内部组织的一系列种植的护堤提供了停车场的视觉缓冲区,以及直接和过滤雨水径流。

The construction site’s industry has posed many technical challenges in the past, including the construction of wharf structures, adjacent to new sheet piles and new filling. In order to meet the design challenges, the team developed several innovative strategies throughout the park: along the continuous corridor around the park, a flat barrier-free corridor was provided to connect the adjacent streets at both ends of the park; A series of planted dikes organized along the interior of the corridor provide visual buffer zones for the parking lot, as well as direct and filtered rainwater runoff.

尺寸: 10英亩_客户:宜家美国
合作者: Lee Weintraub Associates,Grain collection,Fisher Marantz Stone & Partners,Flickr创作共享区
年份: 2005年

Location: Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY
Size: 10 Acres _Client: Ikea USA
Collaborators: Lee Weintraub Associates, Grain Collective, Fisher Marantz Stone & Partners, Flickr Creative Commons
Status: Complete
Year: 2005
Team: Steven Tupu, Maggie Condon