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Earthitects“逆城市化”激发了 Earthitects 的灵感,他们根据喀拉拉邦瓦亚纳德当地的丘陵建筑设计了一系列定制豪华别墅。Stone Lodges 由 15 栋私人住宅组成,分布在 13 英亩的森林坡地上。无论是材料的选用还是对生态系统的影响,这些超豪华别墅的方方面面都做到了与自然和谐共处。本案 Estate Plavu 就是其中之一。

Earthitects:’Reverse urbanisation’ inspires the series of bespoke luxury villas designed by Earthitects based on the native hilly architecture of Wayanad, Kerala. Stone Lodges is a cluster of fifteen Private Residences spread along 13 acres of a forested hillside. Every aspect of the ultra-luxe villas sings in harmony with nature, from materiality to ecological impact. One such residence is called Estate Plavu.



Estate Plavu 的设计灵感来源于原生态的山间小屋,它顺应山峦而建,分为三个不同的层次。Plavu 建筑面积为 7000 平方英尺,坐落在一块近一英亩的独立林地上。由于地处丘陵地带,地势高低不同,需要采用创新的规划策略来实现豪华别墅的功能。因此,Estate Plavu 采用三层设计,包含两栋住房和一个无边泳池露台。最顶层和中间层是宽敞的住宅,最底层则是户外露台,设有一个无边际泳池,并于两侧环绕着睡莲池。每座独特的小屋都比前一座低 6 米,这样人们就可以看到下一座小屋的屋顶。

Inspired by the design of the native mountain lodges, Estate Plavu is built in synchrony with mountains on three distinct levels. With a built-up area of 7000 sq. ft. Plavu is located on an individual forested plot almost an acre in size. Owing to the hilly context, the difference in contour levels needed innovative planning strategies to comprise a luxury villa’s functions. Hence, Estate Plavu’s three-level design individually houses its lodges: two housing lodges and an infinity pool deck. The topmost and middle levels encompass the spacious residence. The lowest level comprises the exterior terrace with an infinity pool surrounded by lily ponds. Each distinct lodge steps down by 6 metres from the previous one such that one sees above and beyond the pinnacle of the succeeding lodge’s roof.



促进丰富多彩的生活: 规划与照明 Facilitating Life in its Abundance: Planning and Illumination

设计师围绕现有的岩石、树木和场地轮廓精心设计,最终形成了小屋的建筑形式。战略性的留白点缀了建筑群,使建筑能够“围绕”自然而非立于自然之上。起居室和卧室围绕景观而设置,​充分考虑了现有的环境条件。如第二栋别墅西侧的卧室就是基于现有的树木而重新设计的,以便在卧室南侧建造一个可以俯瞰树木的书房。别墅内的数个庭院为密集的室内空间引入了自然光线,并有助于调节 Estate Plavu的微气候。

The built form of the lodges is choreographed around the existing rocks, trees and site contours. Strategic voids puncture the masses and enable building ‘around’ nature rather than on it. The living rooms and bedrooms on-site take account of the existing landscape and flow around them. For instance, the layout of the west bedroom in the second lodge was reworked around the existing trees which enabled us to incorporate a study that overlooks the trees, and the bedroom is shifted further south. Several courtyards within the lodges provide relief and natural light to the dense interior spaces, influencing the microclimate of Estate Plavu.




Furthermore, the lodges are connected by bridges that seem inconspicuous on a site-planning level. Walking from one lodge to the next is an immersive experience that engages all five senses. While every nook and corner of the property is alive with natural light, the arcadian setting is maintained as the evening descends. The lighting design is integrated with the architecture to enhance the form of everything it illuminates. Automated lights provide a seamless user experience as the lighting fixtures are inconspicuous in the daytime and sufficiently bright at night. The use of warm diffused and cove lighting offers a warm glow to make every space look cosy and inviting.



户外空间 The Great Outdoors

Estate Plavu 标志性的室外浴池让人可以在开阔的天空下自由沐浴。令人沉醉的热带风情淋浴让人在室内也能享受到与大自然的亲密接触。在庭院中,郁郁葱葱的树叶和天然巨石环绕着有机的淋浴区,并铺设了汀步,使整个空间成为一个 “隐秘之所”。天花板上的桉树杆散发着天然油脂和独特纹理,光影交错,让人仿佛置身于树荫下。古铜色的黄铜浴室装置为质朴的石墙增添了古色古香的韵味。

Estate Plavu’s signature outdoor baths enable the freedom to shower beneath the open sky. The indulging tropical shower helps one reconnect with nature with the luxury of staying indoors. Set amidst a courtyard, lush foliage and natural boulders surround the organic shower area with stepping stones, making the space a “sanctuary”. The interplay of light and shadow which incorporated the imagery of being under the shade of a tree, is brought about by the Eucalyptus poles on the ceiling, with their natural oils and distinct texture. Brass bathroom fixtures with a patina finish add an antique charm to the rustic stone wall.




Mounted on the counter is a black granite wash basin chiselled from a natural rock. Handcrafted wooden knobs complete the wooden cabinetry below the counter. The juxtaposition of brass, wood, and black granite is elegant and reminiscent of colours naturally found in the forest.



屋内地面铺设了粗糙的天然灰色石材,给人一种 “林中小屋”的古朴氛围。与此同时,外部露台的石材地板则采用了黑色氧化物。在瓦亚纳德雨水的冲刷之下,更突显了当地石材的自然之美。

The housing lodges feature crude natural grey stone flooring giving them a quaint ‘cabin in the woods’ ambience. Meanwhile, the exterior deck is highlighted by stone flooring finished with black oxide. The rains of Wayanad emphasise the natural beauty of the native stone.




项目中关于生态保护的实践包括采购可再生木材和森林中自然倒塌的树木。在 Estate Plavu 的现场没有砍伐任何已成年的大树,建筑中使用的木材也是通过重新种植来补偿获得的。

Set amidst the lily pond and the infinity pool, the gazebo at Estate Plavu is crafted entirely out of natural materials. A thoughtfully designed roof made of unfinished teak wood rafters and clay tiles is supported by four sturdy wooden poles, thus creating the perfect viewing deck with the privacy of the lowermost lodge. Surrounded by a tranquil lily pond adjoining the infinity pool, the outdoor dining space features the soft glow of the twilight with unobstructed views of the lush green valley.

Ecological design practices discuss responsibly sourcing reclaimed wood and timber from fallen trees. No fully grown trees are cut on the site of Estate Plavu, and the wooden poles used in construction are compensated for with replantation efforts from managed mills.



从当地乡土建筑中获益 Reaping the Benefits of Local Native Vernacular

Estate Plavu 采用质朴的材料色调,包括木地板、乱石墙、天然灰色鹅卵石小径和原木椽子。粗糙、未经切割和打磨的石头被用来砌筑厚厚的乱石墙。这些墙壁与木材的温暖光辉相映成趣,同时还能起到隔热作用。由于天然的高蓄能材料,这些墙壁能够在白天吸收热量,晚上释放热量,从而降低了供暖和降温成本。此外,粘土瓦片和桉树杆等可再生材料构成了瓦亚纳德建筑的主要组成部分。

Estate Plavu showcases a rustic material palette of wooden flooring, random-rubble walls, natural grey cobblestone pathways, and log rafters. Rough, uncut and unpolished stones are used for masonry to make the thick random rubble walls. These walls juxtapose the warm glow of wood while also providing thermal insulation. Due to the naturally high thermal mass, the walls absorb heat during the day and release it at night, cutting down on heating and cooling costs. In addition, renewable materials like clay roofing tiles and eucalyptus poles form the supports, native to Wayanadian architecture.




Whole wooden poles are used instead of slats as rafters within the habitable rooms. The idea is to preserve the nature, look and feel of naturally occurring wooden poles and process them as little as possible before using them in construction. Moreover, the exterior facade of the rooms is clad with thick wooden poles akin to mountain lodges. Eucalyptus poles’ natural oils keep them economical and void of maintenance and upkeep.




Upcycled wood from construction is crafted into thoughtfully designed mirror frames, switchboards, knobs, skirting, and cloth hangers to further the idea of sustainability. The floors and skirting, switchboards, cabinetry, counters, and furniture and their joinery details are conscientiously handcrafted by our team of expert craftsmen. They intentionally leave the materials unfinished, aging gracefully over time. The simplicity and thought behind the usage of materials make the villa a home.



手工收藏品:增值家具 Handcrafted Collectibles: Furniture that Adds Value

Earthitects 在 Stone Lodges 设计了一系列定制家具,名为 “手工收藏品”。为了回馈大自然,该系列所使用的原材料都是建筑废料中的下脚料,也是常见的被忽视的材料。石板以最自然的形态被用于制作入口处的柜子;纯混纺的面料不含任何聚酯纤维。此外,一些当地采购的材料也为空间注入了活力。

“Allure 扶手座椅”体现了树木的灵魂和精神,它以手工纹理的墙面为背景。​扶手椅旁边是标志性的 “Bole”,可用作边桌和落地灯。灯罩由天然香蕉纤维制成,散发出微妙而温暖光线。黄麻地毯采用传统工艺手工编织而成,与硬木地板的自由纹理相得益彰。这些手工制作的收藏品远不止是家具,它们是永恒的雕塑,展现了精湛的工艺,能够引起房主的情感共鸣。

Earthitects has curated a bespoke furniture collection at Stone Lodges known as “Handcrafted Collectibles”. In an attempt to give back to nature, the raw materials used to curate the collection are scraps from construction waste and are commonly overlooked mediums. Stone slabs are used in their most natural form to make the entrance credenza. Fabrics are a pure blend and do not contain any polyester, and solid teak wood with ‘live’ edges offers effortless ease. In addition, several locally-procured materials breathe life into the space.

Honouring the soul and spirit of the tree, the ‘Allure Armchair’ portrays the untouched edges of hand-picked wood. Set against a hand-textured wall, the seater is designed with understated tones of natural fabric. Alongside the armchair is the signature ‘Bole’ that functions as a side table and a floor lamp. The lampshade is crafted from natural banana fibre and emanates a subtle warm sunset glow. Complementing the free-form grains of the hardwood floor, the jute rug is handwoven by traditional techniques. Drawing inspiration from the artistic cocoon of the Bagwormmoth, the ‘Snug Seater’ is a revolving seat for one. The angled Eucalyptus spindles take after the ‘case’ of the Psychidae. The dissimilar live-edge trunks showcase an elevated effect, facilitating its rotation. Far more than just pieces of furniture, these Handcrafted Collectibles are timeless sculptures exhibiting exquisite craftsmanship and are emotionally resonant to the homeowners at Plavu.



▽材料分析 Material analysis


为鸟类塑造栖息地 Estate Plavu gets the Early Bird

庄园内栖息着约 64 种特有鸟类。多产的果树和鸟池——环绕露台的莲池,邀请它们与人类共存。破晓时分,和谐的鸣叫声为宁静的环境增添了活力和欢乐。在这些美妙生灵的陪伴中与大自然融为一体,这种独特的体验可以让任何人都化身为鸟类爱好者!

The property is home to about 64 species of endemic birds. The integration of prolific fruit trees and birdbaths-the lily ponds that surround the deck, invite them to coexist with humans. With the break of dawn, the harmonies of chirping add vibrance and joy to the serene setting. This unique experience of being one with nature amidst these beautiful creatures can turn anyone into a bird enthusiast!

可持续性和创新构成了项目的核心。该项目使用的原材料要么来自同一地点,要么来自瓦亚纳德附近区域。例如,一些巨石被切割成随意的碎石墙,而一些柚木余料则被用来制作固定装置和配件。森林中的绿色植物和当地使用的材料使室内温度保持在 16°C-26°C 之间,与闷热的瓦亚纳德主城截然不同。Estate Plavu 的设计非常谨慎和深思熟虑,是一项对环境负责的投资。此外,Earthitects 还引入了在荒野中生活的理念,用细致入微的设计拥抱无拘无束的体验,创造了远离繁忙城市生活的奢华新定义。

Sustainability and innovation form the heart of the project. The raw materials used in this project are sourced either from the same site or locally around Wayanad. For example, some boulders are cut to form random-rubble walls, while leftover teakwood goes into making fixtures and fittings. The greenery and local materials used at the forest site maintain the interior temperature between 16°C-26°C, a stark difference from the sweltering main city of Wayanad. Estate Plavu is designed with utmost care and forethought, making it an environmentally responsible investment. Moreover, Earthitects introduce the idea of living among the wilderness with such nuance and pampering it creates a new definition of luxury away from hectic city life.


▽设计图纸 Design drawing



▽平面图 Plan


▽立面图 Elevation


▽剖面图 Section




项目名称:Estate Plavu
项目地点:印度 喀拉拉邦 瓦亚纳德

首席设计师:Ar.George E.Ramapuram
设计团队:George E.Ramapuram、Irene Ann Koshy、Hetvi Kothwala、Pon Athithyan Muthurajan、Ginelle Gabriella Lopes、Likhita Shivmay

顾问:Earthitects Tem
总经理:Johnson Joseph
项目工程师:Sarmas Valli
项目助理工程师:Harsha R
机电:Shaji E.K
财务:Elias K T
商店和采购:James Johny
木工经理:Vijayan N. K.

Name of Project: Estate Plavu
Location: Wayanad, Kerala
Typology: Residential
Site Area (sq ft & sq m): 26,500 sq. Ft (area of one residence)
Built-Up Area (sq ft & sq m): 7320 sq. Ft (area of one residence)
Completion Date: February 2021

Email: info@earthitects.com
URL: www.earthitects.com
Principal Designer: Ar. George E. Ramapuram
Design Team: George E. Ramapuram, Irene Ann Koshy, Hetvi Kothwala, Pon Athithyan Muthurajan, Ginelle Gabriella Lopes, Likhitha Shivmay

CONSULTANTS: Earthitects Tem
General Manager: Johnson Joseph
Project Engineer: Sarmas Valli
Assistant Project Engineer: Harsha R
Electro Mechanical: Shaji E.K
Finance: Elias K T
Stores and Purchase: James Johny
Carpentry Manager: Vijayan N. K.




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