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TAOA陶磊建筑:  这是一个旧房改建的项目,原建筑是一个地上两层、地下一层的别墅,房屋附属的空地分布在建筑的四周。这个建筑与周围的别墅相比,唯一不同的是东侧的空地是一个70cm落差的缓坡,在这个普通的别墅区里,成为一个有趣的特质。

TAOA:  The project is transformed from an old house with two floors above the ground and one floor basement. Vacant space attached to the house is distributed around the building. The only difference between this villa and its neighbor buildings is that the vacant space on the east side is a gentle slope of 70 cm difference, which makes the project interesting in this villa area.


▼浮院外立面 elevation

▼入口 entrance



The building was defined in an abstract way at the beginning of the design process. The idea is to create a place with invisible life boundary and to integrate each unit into a new space. Living area in this project can be extended to all corners. The space is defined by the floating bare concrete wall, as well as the platform.


▼主入口面向内院 entrance facing inside
▼通往屋面的坡道 ramp to rooftop
▼主入口 entrance



A gap is formed between the slope and the new space. It is the gap that makes the entire space floating in the air, detached from the original environment and became a new realm. Different trees and rocks are placed in the space. Only the clear glass divides the interior from the exterior.


▼室外庭院 courtyard



The new space that is detached from the ground seems to be outside the community. Two sunken courtyards provide nature and transparency. Besides, they bring varies of spatial levels into the architecture volume and define the space above the ground. Heaviness and strength is increased in this horizontal space. All the 25 meter-concrete side walls are floating in the air. It creates special tension because of the physical weight of concrete.


▼下沉庭院 sunken yard



The courtyard is extended to the outer space and connected with outside, which makes the courtyard far-reaching. One can always get peace and comfort from strength and emptiness while sitting and walking in it. A unique life poetry is created.




This is a new space generates large amount of freeness. Semi-outdoor space and courtyards are interwoven with each other, creating a rich interior environment with constantly changing light. Contrary to the urban space, it is easy to acquire quietness and avoid the noise from the city. A new semi-outdoor landscape is created in the living context. The new space is designed for life. The  new lifestyle is generated through layers of spatial quality.


▼茶室 tea room
▼通往画室的楼梯 staircase to painting studio

▼顶层画室 top floor painting studio
▼建筑模型 & 分析图 model & analysis
▼1层平面图 1F plan
▼2层平面图 2F plan
▼B1平面图 B1 plan

▼顶层平面图 ROOF plan
▼1-1、2-2剖面图 1-1, 2-2 section

▼3-3、4-4剖面图 3-3,4-4 section




项目名称:  浮院
设计单位:  TAOA陶磊建筑
官方网站:  http://www.i-taoa.com/
联系邮箱:  s@i-taoa.com
公司地址:  北京
建成时间 : 2018
项目地址:  北京市

主创建筑师:  陶磊建筑师
邮箱:  s@i-taoa.com

摄影师:  陶磊
摄影师网站:  http://www.i-taoa.com/
摄影师邮箱:  s@i-taoa.com

设计团队:  陶磊、陈真、康伯州、李京、张婧泓
结构:  李仡团队
景观:  TAOA陶磊建筑
室内:  TAOA陶磊建筑
施工:  盛长维团队

Project Name:  Floationg Courtyard
Architecture Firm:  TAOA
Website:  http://www.i-taoa.com/
Contact e-mail:  s@i-taoa.com
Firm Location:  Beijing
Completion Year:  2018
Project location:  Beijing, China

Lead Architects:  Lei Tao
Lead Architects e-mail:  s@i-taoa.com

Photo credits:  Lei Tao
Photographer’s website:  http://www.i-taoa.com/
Photographer’s e-mail:  s@i-taoa.com

Additional Credits Design Team:  Lei Tao,  Zhen Chen,  Bozhou Kang, Jing Li,  Jinghong Zhang
Engineering:  Team Li Yi
Landscape:  TAOA
Interior:  TAOA
Construction:  Team Sheng Changwei Etc.


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