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ZSD:Peter Zumthor once said: “Architecture always related two concepts: place and use. You can choose a place as you like and design it with purpose and function as the starting point. If you are lucky enough, beauty will happen here.”




Green Town·Nanjing Deep Blue Life Experience Center is a sales office project based on 4S store transformation. This is a story about the re-establishment of the relationship between architecture and nature, which blurred the building’s interior and exterior space, and finally break the barriers between urban boundaries. A design story of architecture, landscape, interior integration.


▼改造前后对比 Before and after





People’s urban activities are mainly dependent on the streets. So the boundary of the building is naturally understood as the outer surface of the street.

Green Town Deep Blue sales offices is located in NanJing South Railway Station business district, neighbouring noisy locations.

Therefore, the lag of street scale and storefront commercial form will directly lead to the inactivity of urban areas.






Although the interior of the street can be seen and entered, the attraction of it is rather low.

Therefore, by activating the internal boundaries, the design creates a stable waterfront space in the external margin through the design method of enclosure. Stable water court space was built outside. At the same time, greening is separated from municipal roads, which is a sign building for the streets of municipal interface.

This brings people into the interior of the building with uncomfortable streets. This makes the building itself an important factor in reviving the area and reversing the display of the whole block.



自然·无界 Nature · Boundless
景观设计的边界 Boundary of landscape design



Designers believe that the quality and atmosphere of the landscape should be matched with the style and quality of the building. The coordination of these two is an important condition for ensuring comfort.

The layout of “space-in for four times, five kinds of courtyards” is adopted in landscape space design. At the same time, surrounded by courtyards and vegetation interspersed, people can feel the infinite spread of space to the environment in the limited building area.


▼体验中心总平面图 General Layout of Experience Center

▼售楼处平面图 Plane Graph of Sales Office



A path is set up from the gate, which connected the main building of the sales office. A burst of beech trees is planted on both sides of the pavement, linking it up into a line, which creates a ceremonially quiet view with the hidden landscape fence in the bushes. Visitors are like walking in a picture of complete harmony.




Irregular tree planting is close to the building and its surrounding space, which establishes a visual connection with the open lawn opposite. The concept of interpenetration and complementation of architecture and nature has been created.


▼改造前后对比 Before and after


重构·共生 Reconstruction · Symbiosis
新旧冲突的边界 The boundary of conflicts between new and old



The founder form of the whole building comes from the old 4S shop. This is an empty box with 4 facade of glass curtain wall.

The limitations and constraints existing in architectures are some new considerations proposed for design. It is is a great challenge both to the project and designers about how to adapt the structure and space of an old building to the new functional requirements and complete it in a shorter time.





In this design, it hopes that this is not a brand-new replacement, but retaining the outline of the original building. By embedding smart functional blocks into the interior, old buildings can be awakened through new ideas.

So the designer created the concept of “BOX” and wanted to cleverly connect the sales office with the display of a variety of items. The whole facade is divided into several boxes with special functions and different materials, which will activate the original rigid box shape, with a distinct personality formed.




The entrance area is made of dark stone, which is elegant and luxurious. It tilts the opening to the direction of the flow of people, increasing the vitality of the building and forming a guiding entrance space for the building.


▼改造前后对比 Before and after



In the big box of the 4S store, three boxes (two vertical and one horizontal) are used to divide a large space into North and South, East and west, up and down several separate spaces. The change of height is used to distinguish the functions of each space.




In the upper part of the building, a large amount of clean, tidy, highly reflective coated glass is used to hide the components of the original building. At the same time, it also forms a simple atmosphere of architectural personality. Like the entire building card, it highlights the high-end quality of the building.


▼改造前后对比 Before and after


巧于因借·精在体宜 Ingenious Support·Exquisite Form
户内户外的边界 Boundary between indoor and outdoor


Because the building form of the sales office is large above and small below, the designer facilitates these unmanageable spaces, embedding the gray space of the colonnade at the bottom of the building, with the landscape belt completed. This softens the stiff facade of the original building, complementing architecture and landscape.





As light passes through the glass curtain wall into the interior, the landscape is also reflected on the glass, which seems to introduce a view into the interior.

The interaction between the light and the shadow cleverly connects the indoors and outdoors, which echoes the outdoor landscape. This makes the landscape not only belong to outdoor, but also to the part of indoor.


▼改造前后对比 Before and after




The main entrance, reception area and sales hall of the sales office are included in the Northwest space, which is the highest floor space of the whole sales office.

The main body of the space is a huge copper sand table and a crystal chandelier suspended above.


▼改造前后对比 Before and after



The four sides of the space are combined with hanging grille to form freehand abstract landscapes. It echoes the mirrored waterscape set in the west, reflecting the grille and outdoor landscape as well as the changing light and shadow day and night.



连接·蔓延 Link · Spread
活动空间的边界 Boundary of activity spaces


Because the volume of the original 4S store differs greatly from that of the model room, a new tilted block is added to the south side of the building orientation the model area. Moreover, this is set up as a negotiation area connected with the sales office. In order to weaken the inherent atmosphere of sales, the designer made this negotiation area combined with a Nordic style cafe and book bar space.




The coffee bar is the center of the whole negotiation area, which arranged the seats next to the curtain wall for making the atmosphere of immersing oneself in the outdoor landscape. Combined with the lush greenery in the room, it spreads out a place where you can relax and enjoy leisure time in the sun and the breeze.




The main body of box is across the northeast corner horizontally. This part of the space is relatively low in height, mainly distributed VIP room, video room, elderly area, toilet, product display area, office space, etc.




The northeast corner of the sales office is a well built children’s district. Children’s activities are composed of two parts: the quiet zone and the activity zone.The southern end is quiet zone, mainly for children’s manual, reading, writing and painting. The northern part of the activity zone. Using 7 meters headroom, it set up a climbing wall and climbing rack and a marine pool.




The open space on the east side is a continuation of children’s activity area. The surface of a piece of imitation wood grille is set up here. The cold facades of the original building were weakened through warm colors, providing a warm background for children’s activities.




The overall space of the backcourt connects the model room through the corridor. The center lawn provides more possibilities for exhibition sites. The model room area seamlessly joins with the natural environment, guaranteeing the unimpeded visiting action, while the landscape neighborhood life scene can be formed.


▼改造前后对比 Before and after



At the same time, the extension of the square space as well as the pendulum and the indoor echo of the coffee bar are driven by the function of the building’s internal and external boundaries of the expansion. This provides visitors with the initiative to choose a humanized venue for activities, so that they can feel the exhibition area brought about by the estrangement of the tour.




Focus on the venue and living people, create a new life scene in the dialogue and interaction between these two. This is a life experience center indeed, but also belongs to the story of this venue.




建筑面积: 1839㎡
景观面积:12942 ㎡
设计团队:王薇薇 、王立诚、项斌、钭龙飞、鲁金清、滕富军、张海泉、陈莹、汪晓东

Project Name: Green Town·Nanjing Deep Blue
Project Type: Demonstration Area
Project Owner: Nanjing Zhong Chi & GreenTown Dongfang
Project Location: No. 1468 Hongyun Avenue, Nanjing
Built-up Area: 1839㎡
Landscape Area: 12942 ㎡
Design Management and Co-ordination: ZSD
Overall Planning and Layout: ZSD
Design of Building Renovation: Jiumi Design
Landscape Design: ZSD
Interior Design: ZSD
Design Management team: Yingyi Wang, Bin Zeng
Design Team: Weiwei Wang, Licheng Wang, Bin Xiang, Longfei Dou, Jinqing Lu, Fujun Teng, Haiquan Zhang, Yin Chen, Xiaodong Wang
Photography by: Li Yao, Yi Jin


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