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GS Design:The project is located at the intersection of Blueberry Road and Holly Street in Luyang District, with Luzhou Park in the south. As far as I can see, the trees are lush and the shadows are whirling. The geographical location and surrounding resources of the project are extremely superior. The project has rare resources one step away from Luzhou park, which is also the finishing work of the whole Hefei Vanke Forest Park area; Take the name ” Luqian ” to mean to walk before Luzhou, as the owner said: May this project be an “artwork” worth collecting left to the people of Hefei.


水墨下晕染的是隐贵的诗意气质 Under the ink and wash is shading the hidden and noble poetic temperament



Mr. Chen Yinge once said: Chinese culture reached the peak in Song dynasty. The beauty of Song Dynasty is sometimes soft and gentle, sometimes grand, pure and simple, rigorous and delicate, with uncontested warmth, swift elegance and profound artistic conception. In the design of this project, we study and draw lessons from the people, matters and things in Song Dynasty and draw inspiration from them, which is reshaped with the contemporary design language. The root of the design is to pursue Song Yun’s awe of nature and to show the power of restraint.


中轴静谧水景 Axial quiet water feature


林泉禅境Zen in woods and springs 


A true recluse lives a secluded life among people, while an ordinary escapist lives in seclusion in the woods. The design hopes to present a slowly changing landscape painting. That spring in the forest formed by mountains, trees and stones is exactly the ornament of a hint of Zen.



名门隐贵 Distinguished family hides nobility 


The details of decoration are abandoned, just like the conciseness of Song porcelains. Through the composition and micro changes of the body, as well as the texture of the material itself, and the proper lighting embellishment, there is a simple and restrained beauty in the door.


清枫徐来Cool maple trees are coming


The space of alleyways also abandons the conventional group planting, and the simple lines form the space muscle base. At the turning point of the footpath, the place where pedestrian stop and the unit inlet are decorated with red maples, with changes in the unity.


宅间俯视视角House courtyard


With honored guests in the mountain, the moon shines brighter over it. All hearts to the authority are loyal, while only the dream of Jianghu is clear. With the shadow of trees whirling in the courtyard, all sounds of autumn disappear.



项目平面图 Master plan




“Luqian” is a kind of life, the life in the urban forest. It is quiet, peaceful, elegant and warm, which enables people to draw the power of nature from it. “Luqian” is a kind of taste, standing without struggle and governing without action, just as the power in the esthetics of Song Dynasty, which makes us infatuated and radiate light in restraint.



联系邮箱: gsdesigngroup@126.com

Project name: Hefei Vanke Luqian
Project scale: 4,700 square meters of live display area
Construction site: the intersection of Blueberry Road and Holly Street in Luyang District, Hefei
Design Time: 2018
Completion Time:2019
Owner: Hefei Vanke Real Estate Co., Ltd
Owner design management team: Ren Pengfei, Wang Dongfang, Yu Guanghan, Tan Xiang, Liu Haibo, Wu Bo, Sun Chunsheng
Architectural design: Shanghai Tianhua Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
nterior Design: LSDCASA
Landscape design: GS Design
Identification design: Shanghai Zhixun Culture Communication Co., Ltd
Landscape construction: Shenzhen PuDao Landscape Co., Ltd
Photographer: Qiu Wen Architectural Photography–Qiu Ripei



项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project



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