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Openideas Architects:为一位身兼房地产巨头的企业家设计一座占地超过 2000 平方米的住宅,是一项充满创造性的冒险挑战。最终,在这座城市的中心,矗立起了一座打破常规生活方式的住宅。

Openideas Architects:Designing a 22,000 sq.ft home for an entrepreneur who doubles as real estate magnate is a creative odyssey. In the heart of the city there stands a residence which defies conventional living.



受客户委托,我们需要在有限的土地上建造两栋独立的房屋和一个外屋。我们将其视为一项挑战,并充分利用空间,为父子俩设计了两栋不同的住宅,​并将它们抬高,与上层的娱乐区相连接。通过这种方式,我们最大限度地减少了建筑占地面积,并在场地内创造了各种绿地、下沉式庭院和广阔的绿色草坪。两座建筑体之间的联系不仅是物理上存在的,也是具有象征性的。它象征着代际、意识形态与经验之间的桥梁/纽带。因此,该住宅也被称为“The Link House”。


The client approached us with a challenge to build two separate houses and an outhouse on a limited plot of land. Taking it as a challenge and making most of the space, we proposed two different blocks for father and son, graciously elevating and linking them with entertainment areas at the upper level. By doing so, we minimized the ground coverage and created various green pockets,sunken courts and vast green lawns within the site. This link between the two blocks is not just physical but also symbolic. It signifies the bridge /link between generations, ideologies and experiences. Hence “The Link House”.

The journey begins with a dynamic bridge flowing over water bodies and greens. As one ascends anticipation builds creating an aura of mystery and delight. Each step taken is a step into unexpected, setting the tone for extraordinary experiences and views that lie beyond.




Ascending this flowing bridge, the house unfold meticulously planned spaces, ingeniously segregated to cater the need of both father and son. Aptly named as one ascends to the upper level, one is greeted by dynamic entertainment space which gracefully bridges the distinct houses of father and son. Spilling out into the pool area with stepped garden pockets, the link house finds its focal point overlooking the lush green lawns. This space becomes more than just a pool are, it’s a communal area where the family gathers and simply revel in the warmth of each other’s company.




Another entrance at the ground level below the bridge, gracefully cradles the parents abode, offering them tranquility and security. Simultaneously the adjacent block housing the son’s home seamlessly interconnects both, at the upper and the lower level. This link has also scooped out space like sunken courts at the ground level, which also serves as a hub for family gatherings. This court then opens up into vast verdant lawns, creating different pockets and experiences.




The interior adorned with the finest Italian marble and wood reflects the exquisite taste of luxury with warmth and elegance. Large openings where natural light seamlessly merging the indoors with the picturesque outdoors. Every room is a canvas, blending modern contemporary aesthetics with timeless elegance. The interiors for the parents is more refined, subtle, grey and mature, whereas for the son its more modern , contemporary yet playful.




At the basement level, for the moments of serenity and relaxation, the house boats of a home heather and a spa with skylight that redefines calmness. Extending into a soothing blue water body and green piercing through concrete, it creates an oasis of calmness to unwind and rejuvenate.




In every aspect, this house showcases a thoughtful design, where luxury meets functionality, surprise greets at every turns and where every day is an experience.





项目名称:Link House
地点:印度 艾哈迈达巴德
状态:2023 年 3 月完成

首席建筑师:Monarch Champaneri、Niralee Champaneri 、Nilesh Gajera
设计团队:Chitra Shah、Sahil Soni、Bhavya Kawat、Zeb Saiyed
室内设计团队:Aekansh Saini、edanshi Jain、Dhruvisha Desai
摄影:The Fishy Project – Ishita Sitwala
设计说明:Zeb Saiyed
内容作者:Ar. Niralee Champaneri
室内造型:Samir Wadekar
景观设计:Studio 2+2
结构工程:Mr. Vijay Shah – Bhoomi Consultants
照明设计:Mr. Pranav Patel – Zion Dzine
照明安装:Firefly lighting installation – Studio Motionworks
自动化顾问:Mr.Harsh Mehta – Future Solutions
家具采购:Dizain Interni、AndBlack Studio
窗户:Mr. Jitendra Patel – Shailja
制造商:GESSI、HansGrohe、Antonio Lupi、Flos、Delta Lights、Hacker、Lunawood、Miele
艺术装置:Rachana Dave
工厂:Mr.Tejaram Mistry
油漆工作:Mr. Deepak Singh
石制品:Bhurabhai Suthar、Muskeshbhai Suthar

Project Name: Link House
Location: Ahmedabad
Status: Completed March 2023
Area: 22,000 sqft
Type: Private Residence

Principal Architects: Monarch Champaneri, Niralee Champaneri and Nilesh Gajera
Design Team: Chitra Shah, Sahil Soni ,Bhavya Kawat, Zeb Saiyed
Interior Team: Aekansh Saini, Vedanshi Jain, Dhruvisha Desai
Photography: The Fishy Project-Ishita Sitwala
Design Illustrations: Zeb Saiyed
Content Writer: Ar. Niralee Champaneri
Interior Stylist: Samir Wadekar
Landscape Design: Studio 2+2
Structural engineer: Mr. Vijay Shah -Bhoomi Consultants
Lighting Designer: Mr. Pranav Patel- Zion Dzine
Lighting Installation: Firefly lighting installation-Studio Motionworks
Automation Consultants: Future Solutions -Mr.Harsh Mehta
Furniture sourcing: Dizain Interni , AndBlack Studio
Windows: Mr. Jitendra Patel – Shailja
Manufacturers: GESSI, HansGrohe, Antonio Lupi, Flos , Delta Lights, Hacker, Lunawood, Miele
Art Installation: Rachana Dave
Millwork: Mr.Tejaram Mistry
Paint Job: Mr. Deepak Singh
Stonework: Bhurabhai Suthar, Muskeshbhai Suthar



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