Reed Hilderbrand : 这一地区公园位于纽约州比肯市哈德逊河的崎岖地带,通过娱乐、艺术装置和环境教育,将一片棕地改造成一处富有弹性的景观,以便与河流直接接触。

Reed Hilderbrand : On a rugged spur of land reaching out into the Hudson at Beacon, New York, this regional park recuperates a brownfield into a resilient landscape for first-hand contact with the river through recreation, art installations, and environmental education.



我们正领导着一场正在进行的变革,将原来的工业铁路侧壁和危险的垃圾场改造成健康、有弹性的绿地,重新定义了哈德逊谷对其水岸的新拥抱。该项目的第一阶段于2009年开放,其中包括一个木板路和艺术家乔治·特拉卡斯(George Trakas)在Dia基金会(Dia Foundation)赞助下的特定地点的作品。下一期工程于2011年完工,其中两座建筑都是由ARO建造的:一个艺术和环境教育中心由Long Dock的历史红色谷仓改造而成,在海湾中心建造了一个新的独木舟存储和租赁亭。弧形环流路径和高耸的冠状地貌是公园景观的特色,是山脉和哈德逊河的主要景观。

We’re leading the ongoing transformation of a former industrial railroad siding and hazardous dumping site into healthy, resilient parkland that redefines the Hudson Valley’s new embrace of its waterfronts. The project’s first phase, opened in 2009, included a boardwalk and a site-specific work by the artist George Trakas sponsored by the Dia Foundation. The next phase, completed in 2011, saw construction of two buildings, both by ARO: an arts and environmental education center renovated from Long Dock’s historic red barn and a new pavilion for kayak storage and rentals was constructed at the center of the cove. Arcing circulation paths and tall, crested landforms distinguish the park landscape itself, framing views of the mountains and the Hudson River.



在“可持续发展地点计划”(Sites)最初的试点项目中,Long Dock 公园在2013年夏天获得了成功认证,在四星中排名第三。

Among the original set of pilot projects for the Sustainable Sites Initiative (SITES), Long Dock Park certified successfully, ranking three out of four stars, in the summer of 2013.


日期: 2004 – 2014年
面积: 23英亩
团队:景观哈德逊土地信托、建筑研究办公室( ARO )、莱文公司、米歇尔·克劳利景观建筑、帕特考建筑师、迈凯轮工程集团

SIZE:23 acres
LEADERSHIP:Gary Hilderbrand,Christopher Moyles
TEAM:Scenic Hudson Land Trust,Architecture Research Office (ARO),Levien & Company,Michelle Crowley Landscape Architecture,Patkau Architects,McLaren Engineering Group

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