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WEST 8: 主喷泉花园的改造是基于Longwood的第一个总体规划方案之上的,原版方案完成于2011年。皮埃尔·杜邦(Pierre du Pont)最初震撼人心的设计方案获得了荣誉和尊重,但喷泉花园(fountain garden)还是需要被重新设计。

WEST 8: The Main Fountain Garden revitalization builds upon Longwood’s first-ever physical master plan, which was completed by the landscape architect in 2011. The original, astonishing design by Pierre du Pont was honored, and yet, the fountain garden was re-imagined. 



总平面图  Master Plan


受欧洲大花园和美国喷泉表演的启发,主喷泉花园将成为西半球最独特的水上花园设计范例。 Longwood花园的主喷泉花园的再设计延续了数千年以来水上花园的设计手法。美丽的材料、植物、雕塑和水的结合,激动人心的细节和精心设计的序列都被融入了主喷泉花园,使其焕发出新的活力。

Inspired by the great gardens of Europe and with the show-stopping performance of American fountains, the Main Fountain Garden will stand as the most singular example of water garden design in the western hemisphere. The reimagining of the Main Fountain Garden at Longwood Gardens picks up on millennia of water garden design. Beautiful materials, a marriage of plants, sculpture and water, pleasurable details and a choreographed sequence have been incorporated in the Main Fountain Garden with fresh energy.



主喷泉花园的喷泉设计采用了历史和当代元素,其中一些元素的规模和美学特征令人惊叹。从这个意义上来说,加上夜间的花园景观效果, Longwood花园适应性修复的主喷泉花园可能会被视为当今世界上最棒的体验性音乐喷泉。


The Main Fountain Garden’s fountain design employs historic and contemporary elements, some of which are astounding in their scale and aesthetic character. In this sense, and together with the profound, nighttime garden setting, Longwood Gardens’ adaptively restored Main Fountain Garden may be seen to provide the finest concert fountain experience on Earth, today.

The reimagining of Longwood Gardens’ Main Fountain Garden has brought together two opposite experiences of water – the serene water garden by day, and the show-stopping, exuberant spectacle by night.



白天,游人可以在花园里聆听着喷泉从石灰石中腾空进入重建的盆地的声音。孩子们会坐在运河边,把手浸在喷泉中,一些喜欢冒险的游客会走进一个隐蔽的、凉爽又黑暗的洞穴之中。像Tivoli或Villa Lante一样,这个花园为人们提供了一个沉浸式的、有惊喜和亲密感的喷泉。

By day, the reimagined garden offers a chance never had before to linger by the water, to listen to the jets and fountains as they empty from limestone figures into rebuilt basins. Children will sit by the canals, dip their hands in the fountain waters and more adventurous guests will step into the cool darkness of a hidden Grotto. Like Tivoli or Villa Lante, the Garden offers an immersive, unfolding sequence of surprises and intimate fountains to discover.




At night, the darkness of the expansive, Main Fountain Garden provides the same imaginative, preconditioned space as a darkened theater. This allows its landscape, water, lighting and music to combine theatrically to ideal effect – uncontaminated by activated urbanism, architecture, commerce, or the other sorts of distractions that commonly plague similar, large-format ‘concert fountains’, particularly those most well-known. As a result, the water, changing-colored light and music achieve an unrivaled level of poetic transmission.




Mechanically, the existing fountain employed a single, mammoth system comprised of numerous, major sub-fountains. This made sense in the ambitious construction context of 1930, but not today. The team’s approach involved creating a distributed system of independent fountain groups, which lower energy costs, ease maintenance, improve the systems flexibility and reliability, and provide an open infrastructure for the incorporation of innovative water design and technologies.





What has resulted from this nearly five-year revitalization project is a marriage of serenity and spectacle. Italian Renaissance-inspired architectural elements such as loggias, arcades, and decorative sculpture are combined with the most technologically advanced water theatrics, all set within an elaborate and rich horticultural display.

Over four thousand pieces of carved, ornamental limestone were salvaged, meticulously cleaned, and repaired. Stone carvers from around the world recreated lost historic sculpture using traditional techniques and materials, including Italian limestone sourced from the original quarry.




To address the Main Fountain Garden’s aging infrastructure, the fountain systems have been comprehensively upgraded. Two new, underground pump rooms have been installed and the fountains are now easily accessed through a series of subterranean service tunnels, hidden beneath the Garden. State-of-the-art technology allows for the production of more spectacular than ever fountain, light, and sound shows – on a scale and of an aesthetic character that will astonish and enchant – re-establishing the Main Fountain Garden as one of the finest concert fountains in the world.




The project interweaves new architectural elements that complement the historic and improve access for guests throughout the Main Fountain Garden. The introduction of a hidden grotto at the heart of the garden will surprise and delight with a quiet, contemplative space. The surrounding opulent horticulture, comprised of generous lawns, shaded alleés, and sculpted plantings has been returned to its classical European roots.


项目: Longwood花园-主喷泉花园
地点: 美国宾夕法尼亚州肯尼特广场
设计: 2012 – 2014年
完成: 2014 – 2017年
面积: 5英亩
客户: Longwood花园公司
项目负责人: Adriaan Geuze, Claire Agre, David Zielnicki, Jamie Maslyn Larson

-West 8
-Beyer Blinder Belle
-Fluidity Design Consultants
-L’Observatoire International

景观设计师: West 8

-Urban Engineers
-Landis Inc.
-Irrigation Consulting Inc.
-Keast & Hood Co.
-Bancroft Construction

摄影:©Noah Devereaux



Project: Longwood Gardens – Main Fountain Garden 
Location: Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania
Design: 2012-2014
Realisation: 2014-2017
Size: 5 acres
Client:  Longwood Gardens, Inc.
Project Leaders: Adriaan Geuze, Claire Agre, David Zielnicki, Jamie Maslyn Larson

Lead Designers:
-West 8
-Beyer Blinder Belle
-Fluidity Design Consultants
-L’Observatoire International

Landscape Architect: West 8

-Urban Engineers
-Landis Inc.
-Irrigation Consulting Inc.
-Keast & Hood Co.
-Bancroft Construction

Photography : ©Noah Devereaux

The revitalization project also involved numerous Longwood staff members as well as additional outside consultants.

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