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Macallen Way是组成Macallen大厦基础设施的三个层次之一。第一层是一个地面公共场所,由植树,照明和铺路材料组成,构成了Macallen和法院广场新闻大厦之间的对话,由同一客户开发。三种不同颜色的可渗透混凝土摊铺机以红色至深灰色的梯度排列,调节了两栋建筑物的物质环境 – 广场的红砖和Macallen大厦的灰色铝镶板,同时支持地表径流的渗透。为了加强该空间的渗透能力,河桦树被种植在高架的床上,在多切斯特大街(Georgetown Avenue)的拐角处以引导人们进入庭院。 Macallen的发展在2008年获得LEED金牌认证。

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Macallen Way, is one of three tiers that make up the Macallen Building’s infrastructual landscape. Tier one is a ground-level public court with tree planting, lighting, and a composition of paving materials that structure a dialogue between the Macallen and Court Square Press Buildings, both developed by the same client. Three different colors of permeable concrete pavers are arrayed in a gradient from red to dark gray that reconciles the material environments of the two buildings—the red brick of the Court Square Press and the gray aluminum paneling of the Macallen Building—while allowing in situ infiltration of surface runoff. To bolster the site’s infiltration capabilities, a band of river birches are planted in an elevated bed that hugs the corner at Dorchester Avenue to usher people into the court. The Macallen development was awarded LEED Gold certification in 2008.


客户: Pappas Properties
设计建筑师: Office dA
记录建筑师: Burt Hill
结构: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
总承包商: Bovis Lend Lease
摄影: John Horner Photography; Millicent Harvey
2009 ASLA荣誉奖-总体设计

Client: Pappas Properties
Design Architect: Office dA
Architect of Record: Burt Hill
Structural: Simpson Gumpertz & Heger
General Contractor: Bovis Lend Lease
Photography: John Horner Photography; Millicent Harvey

2009 ASLA Honor Award – General Design
2009 BSLA Merit Award – General Design
2008 AIA/COTE Top Ten Green Project

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