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Zizu studio: The Meilin area is located in the north of Futian District and is also the “backside”. It is mainly mixed with functions such as urban villages, old houses and industrial areas. The urban buildings are aging and the spatial quality is not high, forming a large number of “urban blind spots”.


▼场地改造前现状 Before the reconstruction 




2019年3月经梅林街道委托深圳市城市设计促进中心发起 “小美赛城市微设计·梅林行动”竞赛,竞赛以工作坊形式实现了街道机构+社区规划服务机构+专业设计师+居民+第三方专业顾问的五方组合团队,深圳自组空间获得本次竞赛一等奖,并作为设计方全程参与公园的设计与施工跟进。

Meifeng Community Creative Park is located at the intersection of Zhongkang Road and Beihuan Road in Futian District. It covers an area of 4,674.35 square meters. The plot originally belonged to the same plot as Linbian Community. Due to disputes between the owner and the developer, the site was closed in 2000. Division processing. The public facilities promised by the developers to the owners have not been realized, and the owners are therefore very sensitive to the construction of the land. They have repeatedly resisted the development of the land, and the land has been idle for nearly 20 years.

In March 2019, the Shenzhen Urban Design Promotion Center was commissioned by Meilin Street to launch the “Xiaomeisai Urban Micro Design·Melin Action” competition. The competition realized street agencies + community planning service agencies + professional designers + residents + third parties in the form of workshops The five-party combination team of professional consultants, Shenzhen Self-organized Space won the first prize of this competition, and participated in the design and construction of the park as the designer.


▼项目视频 Video


场地概况 Site Statement


The current site is a vacant reinforced concrete floor, surrounded by walls on all sides, and there is a certain height difference with the surrounding land. The interior is occupied as a temporary parking lot. Due to long-term vacancy and lack of management, some areas have become garbage dumps. The weeds around the site and the harsh environment are in sharp contrast with the neighborhood communities and urban roads beyond one wall. In the high-density Meilin area, Such an abandoned plot is even more incompatible with the surrounding environment.


▼场地改造前现状 Before the reconstruction



设计策略 Design Strategy


The design of the park is based on the principle of “openness, ecology, and diversity”. The site and its surroundings are systematically sorted out, the walls are removed to open the boundaries of the park, and the park’s accessibility to urban streets and communities is established; the existing reinforced concrete floor is destroyed to make the land Re-breath and establish an ecological landscape base; improve the park’s road network and basic service facilities, and consider the surrounding users to set up multiple recreational and entertainment venues such as children’s play grounds, stepped squares, cultural display corridors and jogging tracks to make the venues safe and comfortable The community park in the city turns the originally enclosed wasteland into an urban park that revitalizes the surrounding communities.


▼公园与城市鸟瞰 Park and city bird’s eye view 


▼公园与周边鸟瞰 Park and city bird’s eye view



重新呼吸的土地 Re-breathing land


The current situation of pure hard ground cannot achieve the foundation of diversity, so the first step is to smash the concrete floor and let the land breathe again to build a new ecosystem.


▼场地生长演变 Growth and evolution




Using broken concrete blocks to create micro-topography into a cracked garden, the old concrete blocks and the plants in the cracks form a harmonious symbiosis. The natural and wild cracked garden has also become a playground for children to play and chase.


▼自然野趣的裂缝花园 Natural and wild crack garden


▼裂缝花园里的休息老人 Old man resting in the cracked garden 


▼路网交织穿行的裂缝花园 The cracked garden where the road network weaves through


▼裂缝花园成为小孩玩耍,追逐的游乐场 The crack garden becomes a playground for children to play and chase 


▼旧混凝土块与缝隙的植物和谐共生 The old concrete blocks live in harmony with the plants in the gap



低成本的景观 Low-cost landscape


Due to the short construction period and low cost, this project is different from the large-area stone paving and large-scale seedlings in traditional municipal parks. It adopts low-cost and low-maintenance strategies for design and construction.


▼旧混凝土碎块作为海绵城市技术措施的地下碎石层以疏导下渗的雨水 The old concrete fragments are used as the underground gravel layer of the sponge city technical measures to channel




The smashed old concrete blocks are used as landscape materials and stacked to form a micro-topographic crack garden; small fragments are used as materials for filling stone cages; smaller fragments are used as underground gravel layers for sponge city technical measures to drain Seepage rainwater.





In terms of plant design, local tree species with smaller specifications are selected for natural growth. Low-maintenance ornamental grasses and wildflowers are selected for natural planting of bottom plants.




激活社区公共行为多样性 Activiate the diversity of public behavior in community


Before the site was renovated, it was a deserted land that no one cares about. A constant flow of cars and people pass by every day, and there were no public activities when the border was closed. After the renovation, the open boundary guides surrounding residents and passers-by into the park activities, which provide social, rest, parent-child, exercise, play, and various activities held from time to time. The openness and tolerance of the park allows everyone to be equal The opportunity to enjoy quiet and rest.


▼阶梯活动广场 Step Activity Plaza


▼临近城市街道的阶梯活动广场 Stepped event plaza near the city street 


▼休闲艺术长廊 Leisure art gallery 


▼历史旧相片嵌入休闲艺术长廊 Old historical photos embedded in the leisure art gallery


▼公园LOGO装置 Park LOGO installation 


▼公园LOGO装置细节 Park LOGO installation details




Jane Jacobs said, “Diversity is the nature of the city.” We hope that the park will become an activator in the high-density community, which will be full of vitality and vitality, and at the same time stimulate a variety of public behaviors and activities.


▼起伏树池互动 Undulating tree pool interaction





项目设计&完成年份:2019.04 – 2020.01


Project name: Re-breathing land—— Meifeng Community Park,ShenZhen
Design: Zizu Studio
Website: https://www.zzkj.pro/
Contact e-mail: hdx@zzkj.pro
Design year & Completion Year: 2019.04-2020.01
Leader designer & Team: Ruihua Liang, Danxia Huang, Mengbi Du
Project location: Futian District, Shenzhen
Gross Built Area: 4674.35㎡
Cost: 1.5 million
Photo credits: Zizu Studio
Clients: Meilin Sub-district Office of Shenzhen Futian District

Project planning: Shenzhen Center for Design
Planning team: Lei Liu,Ya Liu, Ying Ye
Construction Agent: Shenzhen Institute of Building Research Co.,Ltd.
Art planning: Shenzhen Center For Public Art (Shenzhen Sculpture Academy)
Sculpture installation and artist: Xiaozheng Lv (Seeking For Plum Blossom), Yuanliang Lu (Witness), Guodong Liu (Flowers Blooming)


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