PO-D Architects130米长的竹亭弧形线条形成了河流流动的形状。它的灵感来自湄公河。这个建筑作品安装在Jim Thompson农场入口前。除了设计之外,它还为参观农场的游客的入口提供了阴凉,欢迎游客访问农场。

PO-D ArchitectsBamboo Pavilion,130 meter long curved line is formed like the shape river flow. It is inspired from Mekong river. This architecture piece of work is installed in front of Jim Thompson Farm entrance. Beyond the design it also gives the shadow along the gateway which welcome the tourists who visit the farm.



湄公河,这条不眠之河奇迹般地连接了我们共同生活的各种方式。在丰富多样的沿江地形的神奇作用下,它将设计转化为竹子的形状,形成湄公河展馆的各个部分。每一段都相互连接,其中包括河中的“Kaeng Khud Kru”,弯曲的曲线像一个弯钩。竹子也是弯曲的。

Mekong, the sleepless river that miracle and connects the various way of living together. And on the magic of diversified geography along the river, it leads to the design transformation into the shape of the bamboo to each of Mekong Pavilion sections. Each section is connected to one another which consist of ‘Kaeng Khud Kru’ in the river with a broken curve like a crook. Bamboo is curved twist.




‘Mekong River Basin’ is a large vortex that is the deepest point of the Mekong River. Bamboo shoots are twisted and twisted.



‘Phu Pha Tharb’由河流的侵蚀形成,这里的石头重叠。竹子就焊接成石头的样子。

‘Phu Pha Tharb’ formed by the erosion of river flow. The stone is overlapping. Bamboo is a bundle of welding and forming the shape of the stone.



mea Num Song Sri ‘ River Range具有两种颜色,所以竹材品种选择不一样的颜色来象征两条不同颜色的河流的水流汇合。

‘Mea Num Song Sri’ River Range with Two Colours from the flow of two rivers of different colours converge. Cause selection of bamboo species are not the same colour and joint meeting to one of the bamboo trails.





The metal material was selected to be used as the main structure and the bamboo was applied to covered the steel and tied with rope in locally way. This creates new work detailed application that shows the well-blended of local technique and the current material could get along together.


事务所: PO-D Architects
地点: 泰国纳贡·拉奇西马帕克通柴区
类型: 文化空间/构筑物
状态: 已建成
年份:  2017年

Firm:PO-D Architects
Location: Pak Thong Chai District, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand
Type:Cultural › Pavilion

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