Ten Eyck Landscape Architects :   这座历史悠久的农场坐落在麦地那河谷的自然泉水和山峦的交汇处,现在又增添了一处庄园大院。该建筑群以户外生活空间为特色,精心设计以突出现有特色,并设计来满足客户对草坪、排球场、冥想区、船下水、远足径、水和火元素的需求。

Ten Eyck Landscape Architects :   Nestled in the Medina River valley at the convergence of a natural spring and hill country creek, this historic ranch is revitalized with the addition of a ranch house compound. The compound features outdoor living spaces carefully crafted to highlight existing features and designed to accommodate the client’s desire for play lawns, volleyball areas, a meditation area, a boat launch, hiking trails, and engaging water and fire elements.






A cascading storm water and creek purification feature in the courtyard activates multiple senses and pays homage to the spring, while another feature circulates a rill of spring water to help oxygenate the adjacent creek. As with many Hill Country landscapes, the ranch was degraded through time by overgrazing and rampant vehicular circulation, with negative impacts to the habitat and water quality of the spring, creek, and waters further downstream at the Gulf of Mexico. Old ranch roads and footprints of former barns now give rise to native grasses and forbs that cleanse rainwater prior to entering the creek and spring. This enhanced ranch landscape allows the residents and their guests to be fully, yet comfortably, immersed in the beauty of the Texas Hill Country.


面积: 1800英亩
完成年份: 2012年
莱克|弗拉托建筑师;工作室Lumina (照明设计师);吉尔·诺克斯(环境顾问);迪安·米切尔·砌体(石匠);杜克尔建筑公司(承包商);米尔伯格园林苗圃(园林承包商)

LOCATION:Vanderpool, Texas
SIZE:1,800 acres
Lake | Flato Architects; Studio Lumina (Lighting Designer); Jill Nokes (Environmental Consultant); Dean Mitchell Masonry (Stone Mason); Duecker Construction Co. (Contractor); Milberger’s Landscaping & Nursery (Landscape Contractor)

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