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Zinialand Design:The New Hope Group · D10 Tianfu Project is located at Chengdu Grand East Street, adjacent to Taikoo Li and Chunxi Road. This space bridges a dialogue between the future city and the natural landscape to explore the fourth generation of residential life. This project redefines the relation between people and nature in the future city.




Through the harmonious creation of sci-fic and natural sense, it reflects the avant-garde of the future urban garden. Landscape and architecture are integrated and unified; Each element echoes; the geometrical sense of surface and curve; and natural elements of water, light, clouds, wind, flowers, valleys are transformed into the landscape language in the modern imagery, creating an artistic gardening showcase of future life.




If the Chinese style landscape is about culture and inheritance, the D10 that lights up the Chengdu landmark is about the future, about people and nature. We believe this should be a brilliant destination where people and nature can live in harmony. When we see Ansel Adams’s photography, we realize that nature itself is completely being a science fiction.


▲部分场景手稿  Hand drawing perspectives/ mater plan



From the timeline view, water, light, clouds, wind, flowers, valleys and other elements in a natural space have always been the most attractive landscape elements. We think about the geometric cut surface and curve, it is the artifacts of industry and technology. So we take the essence of both, and go about a magic experiment of modern garden.


▲ 建筑与景观统一 Consistency between landscape and building



In order to seize the unique characteristics of the future, and the high-end positioning, we need to create a brand-new space-experience. The 3D landscape circulation and movements become our challenges, how to afford visitors a diverse demonstration area with multi-sensory? In D10, “layer” is the core for the experience of the entire demonstration area. This time, our buildings are in sync with the landscape. On the other hand, in order to enhance the spatial level, the landscape party also puts forward corresponding requirements to the architecture party.

▲平面图 Master Plan



As for shaping the spatial experience, we tried various experiments. On the one hand, we comply with the curvilinear paths on the horizontal level. On the other hand, from the vertical experience, we explore differences by creating the sunken spaces and integrating with scales to achieve diverse scenery feeling. We enable D10 to have a layered terrain and a soft atmosphere of light and shadow, reflecting the perfect combination of landscape and architectural space.


▲项目空间分解 Project space decomposition


前场——“粉墨”  Frontcourt– Pink & Black Drama


The theme of “Pink & Black Drama” of the frontcourt emphasizes a strong visual impact. The Pink is flower, the Black is stone, and the dome of “Lotus Crown” display center in the distance attracts people’s attention. The mysterious obsidian feature wall is gentle and independent among numerous urban


▲云河飘带 Cloudy streamers


中场——“流光”  Central court – Flashlight


The central court is actually an elemental space where “water” is the main element, but the feeling it actually try to express is the beautiful combination of light and shadow. The design demonstrates the radiance of water and light, the formation of flowers and shadows, as well as implies a philosophy of human and nature relationship.


▲水晶云桥 Crystal & cloudy bridge


▲水光长岛 Waterscape Island




The central court presents an artistic showcase, the reaction of water and light, like an amazing timewalk experience. Before stepping into the indoor, designing a winding and narrow path to achieve a wider world feeling within a compact space.


▲光之云顶 Flashlight cloudy dome


下庭——“洞天”  Underground court – Cave heaven


The sunken courtyard is actually a difficulty for this project. Because of the limited space, we abstract the meaning of the wind in the mountains and the water and the valley in order to avoid the monotonous hard paving, which brings back life to the suppressed underground. From the seating of the clubhouse, people may express the courtyard space of “Specially Cave Heaven”. Here, the story of “natural wonders” continues, which affords the sunken-down courtyard more light and natural interaction

▲波浪峡谷 Wave layered valley



▲水云涧 Water and cloud



结语 Conclusion



The New Hope Group D10 Tianfu is also a special identification about the fourth generation of residential lifestyle, which endows a new definition for the future garden here. The 3D and layered garden system, from the mysterious mask of the geometric city to the white clean and poetic linear imagination, from the stream waterfall beside the bridge to the foggy valley under the bridge, the front start links to the bustling and fashionable city, the back end shows the comprehensive expression of regional and natural culture.

She is milestone of a brand new life, and it is the artistic gardening show named New Hope. The D10 Art Exhibition Center presents the ideal habitant for future life and art. She indicates the perfect combination of the modern parametric model, the exploration of new materials and new techniques… After two years construction as a craftsman and the art, the perfect beauty was finally presented.



项目名称:新希望· D10天府
施工单位:四川锦天下园林工程有限公司 (林普,何睿,王建华,何再见)

Project name: New Hope Group. D10 Taint
Project address: Jin dong road, jinjiang district, Chengdu city, Sichuan province
Client: New Hope Group
Client team: Xie Chenxi, Yu min, Zhang Zhu, Wu donglin, Lu zhaowei, Deng Yueyang, and yi Haibin
Landscape design: Chengdu Zinialand Design co., ltd.
Landscape design team: Zhang di, tan hang, Luo ling, lei zhengwei, Luo dailin, Jiang yanlei
Parametric design: professor Liao Xiang, Fang Jie and Wang Jun
Project drawing design: yang Kun yi, Wu ye, Liao Tao, Wang hui, Wang Yiwen, Xu dong mei, Liu Bo
Post – construction: Zeng junjian ,  Zeng yin
Construction: Sichuan Jintianxia landscape construction co., ltd.(Lin pu, he Rui, Wang Jianhua, He Zaijian)
Exterior Decoration Design: MS Design
Photography: Holi landscape photography
Landscape area: 5864 ㎡
Design time: 2017.03
Completion date: 2018.07


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