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Horizon & Atomesphere Landscape:YUN Hotel is located at the intersection of Yinxian Avenue and Guangde Lake South Road, Yinzhou District, Ningbo.

The west and north sides of the hotel are adjacent to the road, and the south side is separated from the self-developed residential community by a wall. The building splits the site into three spaces: the “fully open” main entrance, the “semi-open” secondary entrance corridor, and the “private” inner courtyard.




The architectural design is modern and neat, with a large area of glass material used on the first floor to enhance the visual penetration of indoor and outdoor spaces. The hotel operation is positioned as a high-end boutique hotel, with lobby bars, boutique restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, and pre-school teaching venues, which not only provides boutique accommodation for business travelers, but also public facilities and services for adjacent same-brand communities.



都市停云 Art gallery life




The name of YUN hotel, which can be identified as ‘evenness’, ’cloud’, and ‘rhyme’ in Chinese, expressed the hotel operator’s philosophy of ‘symmetrical balance’, and the pursuit for relaxation, comfort, and elegance, which called ‘Yun Shu Yun Juan’ in Chinese. Moreover, it also defines the relevant tone for the landscape.

The landscape design adopts the intention of “cloud” to carry out the conception. The shape of clouds is free and changeable. They can either stretch arbitrarily, or gather together. Sometimes they are as clean as cotton wool, while other times dazzling and dreamy, making people feel the variability of the celestial bodies.

But it is also this impermanence, or this ephemeral nature, that brings the heartbeat of every glimpse, which makes people glad to appreciate and record the wonderful scenery of sky and clouds. It seems that nature is whispering softly, calling people to stop, look up, and let oxygen fill the chest, so that our brain and mind can absorb full kinetic energy and nutrients from that moment of relaxation.


▽旅行中的风景大片,通常都有最美的云天。The scenery during the trip is large and usually has the most beautiful clouds.




We hope to bring the soothing characteristic of ‘cloud’, or called ‘YUN’ in Chinese, into the landscape of the hotel.

Surrounded by rational and neat buildings in a heavy-traffic city, a “cloud-stopping place” is set aside to provide multi-dimensional comfort for urban travelers physically and mentally. Under the spatial conditions of “full open”, “semi-open” and “private”, contrasting landscape techniques are employed to create an inner courtyard space that is totally differentiated from the outside environment, bringing visitors a sufficiently variated spatial experience, strengthening the sense of tranquility, comfort, and nature brought by the inner courtyard.



城市 & 自然 City & Nature



In contrast to the urban characteristics of surrounding environment and the building, we hope that the inner courtyard could be presented in a much purer and more natural way.

We used water features on a large scale, and the “colorlessness inside but mirror colorfulness outside” characteristics of water enclosed the clouds and sky into the garden. The east-west mirror-like waterscape reflects the sky and clouds, penetrating the hotel lobby and extending the line of sight of the main entrance infinitely, which enlarged the space and allowed visitors to quickly feel the change of indoor and outdoor space atmosphere, entering a relaxed and leisure state.


▽雕塑“云雀”,拟态云朵堆砌而成的雀鸟,仿佛下一秒就要从这片歇脚的水面飞起。The sculpture “Yun Que”, a bird made of mimic clouds, seems to be flying from this resting water surface in next second.



The east-west axis ends with a slightly elevated white stone road and a natural stone sculpture “Lei” on the verdant lawn. The step level and white stone are connected with the lawn and the pond, forming a level change in the colors of green, white and black, which brings people elegant aesthetics of the composition to each viewing angle of the space.


▽轴线景观 Axis of landscape



The work “Lei” is inspired by the nests built tirelessly in the garden by “Yun Que”, which naturally creates a quiet and serene taste. The combination of the skin surface, chisel surface, and bright surface of the original stone highlights the peaceful and tranquil of the space, which is quite fascinating. The landscape team invites artists to create these two sculptures together, which are both based on natural propositions. One movement and one stillness, one gold and one stone, one standing in the water, and the other growing in the grass. Each of them independently achieves an axial end view, meanwhile they are also symmetrical to each other and entertaining.


▽“云雀”与“垒”两两相望 “Yun Que” and “Lei” look at each other

▽原石质朴的石皮面经过艺术家的打磨与细凿,呈现丰富的肌理变化 The pristine surface of the original stone has been polished and finely chiseled by the artist, showing rich texture changes

▽板岩垒墙让整体画面细节更加丰富 The SLATE barrier wall adds more detail to the overall picture

▽大量使用自然面、凿面的石材处理方式,希望带出自然界原生石的粗粝质朴We extensively used natural surface and chiseled surface stone processing methods, hoping to bring out the roughness and simplicity of natural original stones



The plant design uses the density control to set the space retraction and lengthen the depth of field. Combined with the landscape nodes, we integrate the different spatial ecological atmospheres of “courtyard”, “wild field” and “forest” in the small inner courtyard, and make full use of various perspectives to create abundant landscape levels which enriches the experience of wandering. The covering plants at the event dining platform is the most abundant, creating an enclosed “garden”. The end scene of the east-west axis adopts the lawn combined with the excellent tree point scene to create a “wilderness” feeling. Natalie’s tree array, together with the gravel ground, extends the depth of the space field, adding a “forest” atmosphere to the courtyard.


▽活动用餐平台植物以围合的庭院气氛呈现 The plants at the event dining platform are presented in an enclosed courtyard atmosphere

▽娜塔莉树阵为庭院增添“林间”氛围 Natalie’s tree array adds a “forest” atmosphere to the courtyard


室内 & 户外 Indoor & Outdoor


In view of the appliance of large-scale glass materials on the building facade, the landscape can amplify the feeling of visual penetration and blur the boundary between indoor and outdoor. Through the arrangement of water features and plants, the pure green of the outdoors blends with the light is penetrating into the interior. The super-long gray space beside the waterscape provides more possibilities for the outdoor nature to diffuse into indoors layer by layer.


▽室内外空间由尺度舒适的灰空间衔接,提供舒适的用餐休闲场所 The indoor and outdoor spaces are connected by a comfortable gray space, providing a cozy and leisure dining place


喧嚷 & 静谧 Noisy & Tranquil



The inner courtyard has better acoustic environment conditions due to the barrier between buildings and roads.

The entire inner courtyard is dominated by static low-decibel activities, and the white noise provides a pleasant and comfortable dining environment for the semi-outdoor restaurant nearby. Moreover, we set a sunken space next to the pond for guests to chat and stay.


▽下沉景观空间 Sunken landscape space



Swing seats are set on the corner gallery that is the farthest away from the building. Without affecting the quiet courtyard experience, we also added some lively life scenes to bring guests a richer space experience.


▽廊架休闲区 Corridor leisure area



项目地点:浙江省宁波市 鄞州区 广德湖南路1号
摄      影:ZOOM琢墨建筑摄影、宁波宏视广告传媒有限公司、卢胤翰

Project location:ZHENGJIANG NINGBO
Gross built area: 6600㎡
Director Designer: LU-YINHAN



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