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Basis architectural bureau:Pavshinskaya Poyma位于莫斯科Krasnogorsk地区,占地约13公顷,是一个人口稠密的居民区,其高层住宅建筑非常紧凑,市民缺乏合适的休闲空间进行户外活动,例如带孩子散步, 日常放松等(最近的公园不在步行范围内)。Basis工作室已经对该地区进行了五年的研究,并将继续进行下去,项目第一阶段已经于2020年秋季完工,占地4公顷,第二阶段的大部分区域也已完工。

Basis architectural bureau:The Pavshinskaya Poyma is a densely populated residential area of Krasnogorsk with a very compact development of high-rise residential buildings which needed recreational areas for comfortable living, walks with children and leisure (the nearest park was not located within walking distance). Basis studio has been working on this project for five years and continues to work on it. The entire project for the improvement of Pavshinskaya Poyma covers about 13 hectares. The first stage, completed in autumn 2020, constituted 4 hectares; now another large part of the lower embankment is completed.




Basis工作室负责人Ivan Ohapkin表示:“该区域一直备受市民关注。一方面,它位于河边,对面是当地最大的音乐会和展览馆以及连接整个市区的地铁站。另一方面,该区域被非常密集的高层住宅建筑所包围,紧密连接,人流量很大。想要把滨河步行大道和住宅区的公共花园结合起来是一个很大的挑战。我们很幸运地有几名建筑师就住在该地区并参与该项目,因此尽管遇到了挑战,我们仍然找到了解决方案。”

Ivan Ohapkin, head of Basis studio: “The area has been on everyone’s radar because of the current difficult situation. On the one hand, it is located on the river, opposite the biggest concert and exhibition complex and the metro station used by the entire Krasnogorsk city. On the other hand, it is surrounded by a very dense development of high-rise residential buildings, and in fact, acts as the adjacent territory. There is a large amount of pedestrian traffic passing through the project area. The task of combining a modern promenade for residents and courtyards for locals was quite a challenge. We were lucky enough to have several architects living in the area and working on the project, so despite the challenge, we understood the problems and found the solutions.”




The architects managed to separate the different pedestrian streams including those coming from the bridge and those heading towards the church so that the inhabitants of the high-rise buildings could stroll peacefully in the courtyard and the residents of Krasnogorsk could walk along the promenade. Research and engineering surveys were carried out to see how the project impacted the water area of the Moscow River and how the ecosystem could be preserved. By choosing a curved embankment, Basis employed divers who carefully examined the riverbed. It was crucial to see whether the water current would wash debris into these curved surfaces.




The area has become more open: the upper embankment is now much easier to access from the lower embankment (including people with limited mobility), and the lower embankment has water access in several places and is connected to river transport.




The new section of the embankment will eventually become green and shady with planted maples, willows, beautiful tall grass.




The waterfront is now home to lounge chairs, benches and two observation decks with marvelous views.




The long jogging track along the river appeared as a result of many public hearings and discussions, meetings with activists, working closely with the residents and engaging them in the design concept.




Basis studio’s design is based on socio-cultural programming and user experience. The studio produces custom urban design elements for each space. The most natural materials and forms were used in the Pavshinskaya territory. This was important both visually and semantically: the studio wanted to create a light, open, accessible environment as opposed to an urbanized environment. The playground elements are made entirely of natural materials.




An important part of the project idea was to design a blooming garden and hills to diversify the landscape: create more comfortable spaces with an elaborate design visible from the bridge, protecting from strong winds and adding greenery to the densely built environment



▼平面 Masterplan


▼方案 Concept




项目名称:Pavshinskaya Poyma地区滨河区域的发展
设计团队:Basis architectural bureau
工作室负责人:Ivan Okhapkin

Project name: Improvement of the embankment in the area of the Pavshinskaya Poyma
Size: 4.2 hectares
Project design: Basis architectural bureau
Studio director: Ivan Okhapkin


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