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Shma Company Limited: 2020曼谷设计周期间,Shma于邮政大厦前设计了一个安全庇护空间。作为一种临时性的干预设计,该空间旨在净化空气,为人们提供舒适,并提高人们对“空气污染”,这一社会多方关注的关键问题的认识。

Shma Company Limited:  Situated in front of the Grand Postal Building during Bangkok Design Week 2020, Safezone Shelter is an ephemeral intervention, aiming to purify air and provide comfort for people, while also raising awareness about “air pollution,” which becomes a critical concern for many societies.



根据2019年世界空气质量指数(World Air Quality Index of 2019)显示,曼谷一年中有54%的日子,其颗粒物(PM)的测量超过了世卫组织的标准水平,威胁到超过三分之一的居民。而且,这座城市也一直面临着由大量硬质景观和缺乏足够绿地的摩天大楼造成的“城市热岛效应”问题。但近期曼谷被联合国教科文组织创意城市网络评选为“创意设计之城”之后,为我们来带来了一个通过创造实验空间打造更美好的城市并实现联合国11号可持续发展目标的好机会。

Looking at Bangkok, according to the World Air Quality Index of 2019, it has 54% of total days in a year in which particulate matter (PM) was measured over WHO’s standard level, threatening over one-third of inhabitants. The city has also constantly been facing “Urban Heat Island Effect” from a large amount of hardscape and skyscrapers with inadequate green space. Nonetheless, as Bangkok was selected by UNESCO Creative Cities Network as “Creative City of Design,” it’s a good opportunity to create an experimental space in order to achieve a better city and United Nations (UN)’s Sustainable Development Goal No.11.


▼空气污染问题 Air Pollution Problem

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▼设计原则 Design Principles

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▼程序和功能 Programs and Function

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Inspired by “cloud,” the pavilion was designed in a futuristic organic form, depicting a clean refreshing atmosphere, while also forming a pleasant Microclimate by equipping vegetation and engineering technology together.


▼展馆结构和形式的外部细节灵感来自“云” Exterior detail of Structure and form inspired by “Cloud”

▼内部空间视角,灵感来自“云朵” Interior view of Structure and form inspired by “Cloud”

▼葱郁舒适的内部环境 Lush and comfort Interior



Air quality is a factor needed to be carefully controlled to keep good air inside. First, hot dirty air is pulled inside by a fan, passes through rows of trees and shrubs which capture dusty particles, as well as ground-covering plants which absorb toxic substances. After that, the pre-filtered wind will flow through the dust filter plate and the cooling plate consequently, and come out as a purified breeze at the end.


▼空气过滤系统 Air Filtration System

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▼未种植植被和安装过滤系统的内部空间 Interior before installing vegetations and filtering system

▼主展区设有台阶、知识板及张贴板 Main exhibition space with steps and knowledge board and stickers installed



As providing comfort is also another important circumstance, various techniques are adopted to keep the shelter’s interior temperature at around 22-29 degree Celsius, suitable for Thailand’s tropical climate. They include using fans to release heat and create air flow, wrapping Nylon clothes around the structure to get an interior light with diffused blurry effect – friendly for our eyes, and operating the humidifier to maintain 50-70% humidity level. In addition, natural scents from plants, and experimental music – made up of nature-like sounds (breeze, water, birds) is employed to provide a soothing experience while walking inside the pavilion.


▼参观者在馆内休息 Visitors taking a rest inside the pavilion

▼晚上有灯光和实验音乐表演 Night time with lighting and experimental music show



All of these inventive methods could further be applied to solve air pollution in other kinds of design. At an individual level, a personal mobile suit equipped with a portable air filter could be manufactured, allowing users to move around refreshed. Looking wider at an urban scale, bus stops, recreational space under expressways and skywalks also have a potential to be revitalized with such purification systems. At the end, even high-rise buildings might become old-fashioned when a better choice like an air purifier tower could be constructed.


▼未来概念 Future Scenario

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▼外立面视图 Exterior Elevation view

▼白天开放时的展馆 Daytime Opening



In conclusion, Safezone Shelter might be seen as a starting point on gaining such benefits from natural species and technological advancement, in order to revitalize Bangkok into a sustainable city that every inhabitant can take a deep breath.


▼平面图 Plan

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▼纵剖面 Longitudinal Section

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▼横截面 Cross Section

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设计总监:Yossapon Boonsom
景观设计师:Katavet Sittikit, Phat Chapanon, Thita Cherdkiadtikul, Rattapong Luangpiansamut, Chisanucha Ravinantapreecha, Nattapreeya Worawicharwong
园艺师:Montrakarn Poonsang, Suphannipha Khamma
平面设计师:Montree Sommut
内容:Onkamon Nilanon
项目顾问:Prapat Pongkiatkul教授助理
项目地点:曼谷Bang Rak邮政大厦10500
设计周期:2019 – 2020年

Design Director: Yossapon Boonsom
Landscape Architect: Katavet Sittikit, Phat Chapanon, Thita Cherdkiadtikul, Rattapong Luangpiansamut, Chisanucha Ravinantapreecha, Nattapreeya Worawicharwong
Horticulturist: Montrakarn Poonsang, Suphannipha Khamma
Graphic Designer: Montree Sommut
Content: Onkamon Nilanon
Project Consultant: Asst. Prof. Dr. Prapat Pongkiatkul
Project location : Grand Postal Building, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500
Design year: 2019-2020
Year Built: 2020


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