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Belt Collins:Hainan Island’s fascinating sea, white sandy beaches, bright sunshine, the hustle and bustle of the underwater world and the legendary ethnic customs make people linger. Here, the seasons are like spring, the flowers are blooming, the fruits are fragrant, the sun, the beach, the sea, the air, and the charming and charming girl all exude the special charm of this tropical island.




Forte Island is located in Luhuitou Development Zone, Jiyang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province. The transportation is diverse and convenient. It takes about 15 minutes to reach the Sanya City Government and about half an hour to the airport. There are a variety of holiday tourism resources in the surrounding area. The east side is Luhuitou Golf Course, and the south side is Luhuitou Park. It is surrounded by mountains and waters, and the natural conditions are unique. The building makes full use of the geographical advantages of this landscape, so that the surrounding natural landscape and the park landscape can be organically integrated to enhance the quality and value of the land.


▼场地分析 Analysis



The project aims to create a high-end, vibrant urban residence that combines urban space with natural space. With this project vision as the design direction, the designer conducted an innate condition analysis for the project plot.For some problems in the project plot, the designer determined the construction of the park landscape from the aspects of space potential and landscape structure after many program deductions. At the same time, starting from the characteristics of the entrance, according to the role, characteristics and surrounding environment of different entrances, different levels of landscape positioning can be used to clearly distinguish between various entrances and exits, and also to give unique characteristics to the landscape.


▼总平面图 Master Plan


景观潜能 Landscape Potential


The overall architectural layout space is Z-freely distributed, showing a sense of depth using the east-west landscape. In the central open space of the plot, the designers use their landforms to create a central landscape, design appropriate landscape nodes at the junctions of the various buildings, and at the same time, use the soft and hard scenes around the plot to integrate the landscape inside the courtyard with the scenery outside the courtyard to form a core-secondary – The level of landscape structure from the inside to the outside of the street.


▼视频 Video



The plan divides the plot into several spaces according to the layout of the building and forms a different relationship with the building. According to this relationship, the designer assigns different functions and features to the plot space, and distinguishes the volume, visual effects and enclosure effects to determine the overall spatial division of the landscape.



镜面水景 Mirrored Waterscape


The mirrored waterscape running through the interior of the park brings a touch of coolness to the walker. The white paving between the mirrors reveals individual stripes and continues with the stripes on the pavement. The artistic design is eye-catching. Increased the fun of walking on the trails.




Accompanied by the mirrored waterscape, there are dense plants on both sides of the park’s trails. The sunshine in Hainan provides an excellent environment for the plants to grow. The trees here are taller and larger, and the foliage is more lush. They are in the path of plants. Reminiscent of Amazon’s tropical rainforest, the impact of this exotic style is enduring and reluctant to leave.



泳池 Swimming pool


Located in the center of the park are two leaf-shaped swimming pools, which show a greater layering with different heights. The bottom of the pool echoes the contours of the pool, creating a leaf shape in light blue paving, which interacts with the surrounding plant blades to sublimate the theme of the pool.




In the construction of the swimming pool, the designer weakens the boundary effect, perfectly integrates the water system with the modern landscape, and each node can connect with the intention of the sea to increase the holiday atmosphere inside the park.




Near the children’s pool there is an area for children to play with. The equipment here is tailored for the hot summer days, with interactive water jets ejected at different nodes to drive the summer heat to the people who play. In addition to swimming, children can go to the play area to play slides, sit on the seesaw, and interact with the gushing water to enrich the spare time outside the classroom.




There are also styling seats around the pool, which are formed in a dark brown pavement to form an independent space. The neighbours who sit in the middle of the room can meet each other here, chat and talk, and increase the neighbourhood.



泛会所 Pan-club


Sanya belongs to the tropical maritime monsoon climate. The seasonal characteristics of the long summer without winter make the residents of Sanya have a natural yearning for the shaded and cool outdoor environment. The designer fully understands the needs of the residents with immersive thinking, and creates a pan-session space for the whole age in the park.




The clubhouse space by the pool takes over the function of swimming pool recreation. The semi-enclosed clubhouse separates the rest of the people from the heat resistance outside the house, but it does not interrupt people’s feelings of enjoying the scenery, even in the clubhouse. Watch the outdoor scenes through the designer’s carefully designed glass curtain wall.




A small clubhouse is also built in the children’s pool, providing a shade for parents who care for children. The clubhouse is surrounded by shrubs to increase the privacy of the space. At the same time, it also reduces the direct sunlight in the clubhouse area, so that residents can stay outdoors without fear of being invaded by the sun.



夜景 Night Scene


Designers use hybrid design techniques to incorporate the concepts of slow living, art, nature and new statics into the project, and create a streamlined runway along the architectural texture, while using the sensible lighting to provide illumination to the pedestrians in time for the residents. Humanized and convenient lifestyle.




Every night, the node lights on the facade of the building will light up on time. The landscape lights echo the architectural shape and are arranged equidistantly on the path of the park. The streamlined lights, such as the stars falling from the world, will shine the whole project.



尾声 Epilogue


The sea, the stars, the coconut palms, the beaches… all the fascinating things seem to be gathered here, and the most intoxicating is the warm breeze blowing, the time begins to slow down, and the stress and predicament about life are beaten. After smashing and smashing the mind, people only pay attention to the present and are willing to indulge in it.







Project Location: Luhuitou Development Zone, Jiyang District, Sanya City, Hainan Province
Estate Developer: Hainan Forte Investment Co., Ltd.
Landscape Design: Belt Collins
Design Style: Modern
Design Year: 2018
Completion Year: 2019
Site Area: 78000㎡
Landscape Area: 68415.3㎡
Category: Residential
Photographer: ARC.QW Photography


项目中的植物、材料运用 Application of plants and materials in this project


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