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MUSO DESIGN:A lot of “cubes” are used as “one”, repeatedly combined and assembled, forming the entrance, the moving line, the rest space, the outdoor furniture and the plants within the space, which contribute to the wonderful “all” —— pleasant daily life, romantic parties, beautiful views in four seasons, and so on.



/01 模块 Module


The design is inspired by “Tetris”. Through the repetition, combination and inserting of cubes, it forms different geometric structures, redefines the space order, and endows the space with the beauty of mathematics.


▽概念演变 Evolution of design concept

▽庭院平面 Courtyard plan



Geometric modules run through the entire space, shaping a plant wall that serves as a natural partition; or forming a stacked planting pool to enrich the level of the garden; or creating pavement of different sizes and shapes to divide the entire space……


▽花园入户 Garden entrance



Instead of building a solid brick wall, we create a plant wall here to breathe life into the conventional space and provide a secret passage along it.




Here in the garden, cubes are employed to build a wall with lots of openings, through which plants and light penetrate in. Corrugated glass lattices are well arranged, creating a clean and hazy facade.


▽花园构筑场所 Garden space



The element of Tetris is also used in the design of outdoor furniture, the geometric blocks together with the black wood display a natural beauty.


▽户外家具 Outdoor furniture



The L-shaped terrazzo bench is designed with inverted arc to soften the hard surface. Hidden among green plants, it shows the beauty of rationality and nature with the combination of strength and softness.


▽米色水磨石长椅 Beige terrazzo bench




The growth of plants cannot be stopped, but it can be limited. With stacked planting beds, the wildly growing plants can be shaped into the desired form, thus creating simple and dynamic rhythm.


▽叠级绿篱 Multi-level hedge

▽秋千 Swing

▽黑色方块水景 Black square water pool


/02 自然 Nature


Fragrant flowers in spring, lush green in summer, red leaves and sweet-scented osmanthus in autumn, peace and tranquility in winter, you can experience the beauty of nature here all year round.




Greyish-green small wax balls (Ligustrum sinense ‘Variegatum’) scatter around the garden, balancing the flowering and foliage plants, and making the space colorful and harmonious.




Plants growing in the space also show the beauty of order. Well-organized horsetails stand by the entrance; the matrix of cinnamomum japonicum shelters the view from the neighbors; the Ligustrum quihoui hedge serves as the wall; the bush balls are trimmed into different sizes. All of them contribute to a garden growing in order.




With the aim to create a simple and relaxed outdoor space for a young couple, we created this garden, which will allow the owners to get close to nature and host a lot of outdoor activities.




主创设计师:易超 \舒其亚

Project: Skyline Private Garden
Year of Completion: 2023.7
Area: 300 m2
Location: Longfor·River and City·Skyline, Yubei District, Chongqing
Landscape Design: MUSO DESIGN
Email: muso_yichao@foxmail.com
Garden Landscape Design: MUSO DESIGN
Garden Landscape Construction: MUSO DESIGN
Chief designer: Yi Chao \ Shu Qiya
Design Team: Jia Juan, Li Wei, Xiao Yuan, Cao Tengyun
Client: Private Residence
Photographer: Shu Qiya, Yi Chao



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