W Architecture & Landscape Architecture :我们将一个被忽视的城市岛屿转变为一个引人入胜的公园,我们利用岛屿的生态历史为灵感来增加其生物多样性并创建一个“生活岛屿”。这意味着配置新的地形以使水再次与岛屿相互作用。这些特征使生态多样化,并产生一种地方感,培养对岛屿美丽的强烈精神依恋,寻求建筑和自然元素之间的平衡与和谐,并为生活丰富的体验提供机会。新的设施,包括无影响的木板路和人行道和广场,将游客与河流的自然动态过程连接起来。该岛的中心被恢复为生物多样性和宁静的自然栖息地。通过允许30英亩的公园与季节性的河流相互作用,新的生态对人类的探索开放,为动物创造了更多样化的栖息地,岛上的抗洪能力也得到了提高。

W Architecture & Landscape Architecture :Charged with transforming a neglected urban island into an engaging park, we drew on the ecological history of the island for inspiration to increase its biodiversity and create a “living island.” This meant configuring new topographies to allow the water to again interact with the island.  These features diversify the ecology as well as and generate a sense of place, nurture strong spiritual attachments to the island’s beauty, seek balance and harmony between constructed and natural elements, and provide opportunities for life-enriching experiences. New amenities, including a no-impact boardwalk and pedestrian passages and plazas, connect visitors with the natural dynamic processes of the river. The center of the island was restored as a bio-diverse and tranquil area of natural habitat. By allowing the 30-acre park to interact with the seasonal flow of the river, new ecologies were opened to human exploration, a more diverse habitat was created for animals, and the island’s flood-resilience was increased.





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