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MILAND DESIGN:Linquan return to the heart — a journey to search for a spring in dialogue with nature.




融创 · 都会中心通过现代生态规划改造、改善居民的居住环境和生活方式,并带动城区更新。建设现代化的绿色开放空间,各种场所建设在优美的高质量的生态和建筑环境中,犹如“在森林中生活”。

“The land is changing with the development of the city. Ecological planning is an important means to create an ideal living environment.” As far as Shijiazhuang is concerned, the commercial facilities built around the community are being further strengthened, while the construction of cultural landscape is an obvious short board.

Through modern ecological design, the living environment and lifestyle of residents will be improved, and the urban development will be promoted. The Sunac Center tends to approach a high-quality ecological and architectural environment with modern green open space, leaving a unique sensory experience of living among forests.


▼与自然的对话,找寻理想人居  The dialogue with nature, to find the ideal human habitation

▼自然与水景划分景观空间  Nature and waterscape divide the landscape space

▼在树林下呼吸自然,在原木坐凳上感受生活  Breathe naturally under the woods and experience life on the log bench



Come back to nature,,and be engaged with comfort. Turn industrial land to theme park,Turn heavy pollution to environment-friendly living,End up with staying in Nature, discover the Nature,and be involved in the Nature.


▼艺术的雕塑在光影斜阳映射下,是回归自然的放松,与万物对话的美好景象  The artistic sculpture is reflected in the setting sun of light and shadow, which is a beautiful scene of returning to nature to relax and dialogue with all things



Pursuing-the contact between man and nature,Improving-the relationship with nature,Balancing- the inward development of the site,and the infinite extension of its beauty.


▼树荫下小坐,是人与环境间的对话  Sitting under a tree is a dialogue between man and the environment

▼感受场地带来的安静与轻松  Feel the quiet and relaxation brought by the venue

▼山水延伸自然,景墙与植物连接空间的平衡  Landscape extends nature, landscape wall and plants connect space balance

▼在场地中感受与自然的关系  Feel the relationship with nature in the site



Well-proportioned structure, gradually integrated space boundary, maximized centre landscape area.


▼入口空间鸟瞰  A bird’s eye view of the entrance space

▼互相错位的logo景墙与景观艺术丰富竖向空间   The misplaced LOGO landscape wall and landscape art enrich the vertical space

▼景观艺术雕塑,在有限的空间里有着无限的想象   Landscape art sculpture has unlimited imagination in a limited space

▼设计以水景与灯光打造的拱形步道增添行走趣味   The arched footpath with waterscape and light adds to the fun of walking

▼两侧是自然乔木形成的树阵景观  On both sides is the landscape of tree array formed by natural arbor



Trees, stones and water show the escape of the hustle and bustle and the arrival to a pure land, where landscape is enjoyed and life is cherished.


▼高大的景墙引导着我们继续向前追寻的脚步  The lofty scenery wall guides us to continue to pursue the footsteps forward

▼山石树林鸟瞰  A bird’s eye view of the rocks and woods

▼置身山水林间,是对自然的向往  Being in the mountains, rivers and forests is a yearning for nature

▼一侧是飞溅的瀑布水景,是自然诉说的声音  On one side is a splashing waterfall, the voice of nature



Strolling in the space, everyone gets tranquility and has a great time.


▼自然对应的空间便是生活  Nature’s right space is life

▼活动场地夜景鸟瞰  Night view of the venue

▼利用地形高差设计趣味的活动空间  Use the height difference of the terrain to design interesting activity space

▼自然的人居环境里有着孩童的欢乐世界  The natural living environment has the joy of a child’s world

▼这里是童梦乐园也是丛林中的森友会  This is a children’s dream park and a Mori Club in the jungle

▼在树影下快乐奔跑滑翔的小小身影儿  Happy little figures running and gliding in the shadow of the trees



Enjoy the breeze, sit and watch the clouds, and return to the peaceful style. It is a dialogue between humankind and various lives, enabling bounded areas to have infinite spatial experience.





摄 影:繁玺视觉  王侃

Project Name: Sunac City Center Shijiazhuang
Landscape design: MILAND DESIGN
Design time: 2020.03-2020.07


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