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Pizá Golf 以其对高尔夫球场创新式的设计建设方法而受到国际认可,它将传统的英式基本原理与北美当代设计相融合。让人引以为傲的是,随着高尔夫运动的复苏,该公司有关私人练习场的设计作品将持续获得关注和增长。

Pizá Golf, recognized internationally for its innovative approach to golf course architecture which blends traditional British fundamentals with contemporary designs from North America – is proud to announce that the company’s private collection continues to gain awareness and grow as the golf industry experiences a resurgence to the game.


The pit夜景鸟瞰 Aerial nightview

© Pizá Golf
© Pizá Golf



“Our high profile clients want the best of what life can offer and that includes our functional grass sculptures. Outdoor, multipurpose grass facilities. Complexes that can be shared with family and friends to connect with nature, socialize, play, or hone in on their short game skills. Golfers, even non-golfers, can play and have fun together,” commented, Pizá.


© Pizá Golf
© Pizá Golf


2020年,一个名为“The Pit(坑)”的创新式私人练习场地获奖并吸引了全世界的注意,这是一个“高尔夫休息室”练习区,建造于客户的私人土地之上。这个杰出的项目及其设计概念使公司得以扩张,并丰富了高尔夫系列的设计作品。Pizá说:“我知道客户心里对高尔夫果岭有固定的认知,但我不做常规的事情。他们对我的信任使我能充分发挥自己的创造力,创作出我喜欢称之为‘多功能草地雕塑’的作品。”

In 2020, this award-winning design captured the world’s attention with its innovative, private, practice facility called, “The Pit” — coined after the central, revetted bunker. It is a ‘golf lounge’ practice area on the grounds of a client’s private estate. This prominent project and its concept expanded the company and its offerings to include its private collection of golf designs. “I know that the client had a regular putting and chipping green in mind but I don’t do regular things,” said Pizá. “Their level of trust allowed me to push my creativity and produce what I like to call a multipurpose grass sculpture.”


© Pizá Golf
© Pizá Golf
© Pizá Golf


“The Pit”是一个位于墨西哥城中心的混凝土丛林,起伏的山丘处处可达。高尔夫场地有五个球座,距离最远可达80码,位于一个分段的自由果岭上。不同级别的玩法有多个旗帜位置和障碍,有不同的击球值和角度,因此在这样宁静的环境中打高尔夫球的质量是切实有保障的,这大概会是一次富有挑战或放松的经历。

The flagship, “The Pit” is located in the heart of Mexico City which is a concrete jungle and the metamorphosis can be done anywhere with a smaller footprint. The golf facility has five tee boxes that span up to 80 yards in the distance which are positioned to reach one segmented, free form green. For different levels of play, there are multiple flag positions and hazards. There are distinct shot values and angles so the quality of golf is genuine within the serene environment. It can be a challenging or relaxing experience.


© Pizá Golf
© Pizá Golf
© Pizá Golf



“The central bunker at ‘The Pit’ is key to the entire composition as during the day you can practice all kinds of sand shots. It is a multipurpose area – family and friends can enjoy practicing shots from 80 yards in or the kids can play in the sandbox or roll around on the grass. In the evening, turn on the lights, music, and the fire pit. Just lounge. What an experience! What a lifestyle!” added Pizá.


© Pizá Golf


为了适应周围环境,Pizá Golf的这种独特的设计理念是可复制且灵活的,除去私人土地的用途外,这一设计概念还可以用于酒店、会所和餐馆。Pizá Golf的目标是为高端客户打造最具独创性的私人住宅设计,他们推进设计并通过监督、品质把控和项目管理服务向客户交付项目。他们打造的高尔夫草地雕塑为客户提供了一种强烈的自豪感和归属感,客人可以尽情享受高尔夫球运动、自身锻炼、社交和夜生活。

This never before seen Pizá Golf design concept is replicable and flexible, in order to adapt to its surroundings. In addition to private estate usages, this concept can be used for hotels, clubhouses, and restaurants. Pizá Golf and its goal are to create the most original private home design for a high-profile client. They execute the design and deliver a turn-key operation to the client through supervision, quality control, and project management services. The grass sculpture by Pizá Golf provides a great sense of pride and ownership as guests enjoy a game of golf, individual wellness, socializing, and a touch of nightlife.


© Pizá Golf


设计图纸 Design drawings



官方名称:The Pit
建筑师:Agustin Pizá
概念:Agustin Pizá
草图:Abril Ortiz
渲染:Andrew Harris
景观:Pedro Sanchez
项目负责人:Ruben Arenas
设计团队:Pizá Golf
工程:Turfgrass Consultancy、Jon Scott Consultancy、Paul Granger(灌溉设计师)、Llewellyn Matthews(地下掩体安装专家)
建设:Pizá Golf
供应商:Ecobunker, Tee to Green Seeds, Toro Company, AquaFuse Irrigation Systems
照明设计:Site One Lighting
摄影师:Pizá Golf

Official Name: “The Pit”
Location: Mexico City
Client: Private – Can’t disclose
Architect: Agustin Pizá
Concept: Agustin Pizá
Draft: Abril Ortiz
Render: Andrew Harris
Landscape: Pedro Sanchez
Project Manager: Ruben Arenas
Design Team: Pizá Golf
Engineers: Turfgrass Consultancy, Jon Scott Consultancy, Paul Granger (Irrigation Designer), Llewellyn Matthews (Revetted Bunker Specialist Installation)
Build: Pizá Golf
Suppliers: Ecobunker, Tee to Green Seeds, Toro Company, AquaFuse Irrigation Systems
Lighting Designer: Site One Lighting
Project Sector: High-end Estates
Project Completion Date: June 2020
Photographer: Pizá Golf


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