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MOZHAO ARCHITECTS:With the advantage of geography, Shenzhen Shajing has largely developed the low-end manufacturing industry in the past two or three decades. The mass construction of factories not only destroyed the scenery wetland and farmland, but also brought chaos to the nearby suburb. Industrial parks and external urban spaces form negative places. In recent years, many residential buildings and schools were built around the industrial park. This project hopes to provide a dynamic public space for workers, residents, teachers, students and the plant lovers by reshaping of the green humanities space. With various experiential activities held in the space, the traditional planting culture of Shajing is passed down in a new form, which is also a media for community building.




In the original site layout, there is an outdoor parking lot in the west next to the courtyard. In order to meet the demand for parking, and to improve the spatial quality of the courtyard, a large landscaped terrace was created which covers the parking lot. Connecting by the steps, this large terrace becomes the extension of the courtyard, with which the courtyard establishes the public space system of different levels, and the steps could provide seats for audience when outdoor activities are held in the courtyard. Concrete planting troughs are randomly placed on the terrace, where people can plant various crops and shrubs, depending on their individual preferences, so that these crops and shrubs create interesting and vivid landscape. The big hole on the terrace provides better sunlight for the parking lot below, and the cinnamomum camphora in the middle of the hole also provides greenery for parking. At the same time, in the northeast of the terrace, there is a planting pavilion made of exposed concrete, which brings plant lovers together to learn from one another. The first floor is a public space for exhibition, communication and lectures, while program of the second floor is a planting and training space. The two-storey height green vegetation wall exhibits various plants, while the two-storey height space becomes learning place for people to communicate and interact with each other. The cantilevered staircase and the hanging floor in the building make it light and delicate. At the same time, the two entrances with different levels in the building create a closer connection among the terrace, the interior space and the courtyard.


▼改造前项目基地内原有的停车场 The parking lot before renovation


▼改造后种植平台鸟瞰 Aerial view of  the renovation planting terrace


▼种植平台夜景 Night view of planting terrace


▼错落的座椅、采光斜板和种植槽 Benches, inclined daylighting panels and planting troughs


▼平台成为绿色的活力场所 The terrace being a green and dynamic space

▼平台上奔跑的孩子 Children running on the terrace

▼孩子在种植园里玩耍 Children playing in the garden

▼长条座椅成为游乐场 The bench space being a playground

▼夕阳下的种植平台 The planting terrace under the sunset


▼种植平台平面图 Plan of the planting terrace

▼种植平台轴测 Axonometric drawing of the planting terrace ▼庭院场地大剖面 Site Section


▼种植体验馆夜景 Night view of the experience pavilion

▼种植体验馆的交流场景 The scene of communication in the experience pavilion

▼清水混凝土种植体验馆 The experience pavilion made of exposed concrete▼室内悬空楼梯 The interior cantilevered staircase


▼种植体验馆平面图  The experience pavilion Plan

▼种植体验馆剖透视 Perspective section of the experience pavilion▼种植体验馆爆破图 Exploded drawing of the experience pavilion






项目设计 & 完成年份:2016/2018
建筑设计团队: 罗文国 沈家源 张凡 | 朱彦伦 洪凤莲 陈勋
景观设计团队: 罗文国 沈家源 | 洪凤莲 陈勋
室内设计团队: 罗文国 麦梓韵 | 朱彦伦
主要材料: 钢、樟子松木地板、清水混凝土

Project name: The planting terrace and the experience pavilion
Design year & Completion Year: 2016/2018
Leader designer: Guansheng Zeng
Architecture Design: Wenguo Luo, Jiayuan Shen, Fan Zhang | Yanlun Zhu, Fenglian Hong, Xun Chen
Landscape Design: Wenguo Luo, Jiayuan Shen | Fenglian Hong, Xun Chen
Interior Design: Wenguo Luo, Ziyun Mai | Yanlun Zhu
Landscape construction consultant: Hongrui Landscape Architecture Design
Project location: Quanzhi Technology Innovation Park, Bao an District, Shenzhen
Gross Built Area: 2080㎡
Photo credits: Chao Zhang
Client: Shenzhen Jialingyu Industrial Limited Company
Material: Steel、Camphor pine wood、Fair-faced concrete


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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