terrain-nyc :   为曼哈顿上世纪60年代的一个白色砖房街区内13000平方英尺的内部庭院设计了新的景观。位于一个现有的垃圾下面,主要的挑战是设计一个轻量级的花园,同时在整个种植过程中增加多样性和多样性。这项工作的范围还包括重新设计位于建筑南侧北面的两个街景。

terrain-nyc :    designed a new landscape for a 13,000 square foot internal courtyard within a 1960’s white brick residential apartment block in Manhattan. Located above an existing garbage below, the major challenge was to design a lightweight garden, while adding diversity and variety throughout the plantings.  The scope of the work also includes the re-design of two streetscapes at the northern a southern faces of the building.


terrain-nycdeveloped a unique modular pre-cast planter system that could be deployed across the new waterproofing membrane and create a large diversity of planter geometries, sizes and permutations.  The development of this modular planter system is an extension of Terrain’s ongoing research into cost efficient, modular landscape and site elements.


这个庭院的种植设计围绕着城市森林的想法发展,并重新利用了空间中现有的大部分种植。这个地方接收到中等亮度的光线,非常适合在森林中混合使用。种植的植物包括小树林,包括桦树、草莓、木兰和观赏性枫树,以及一层地覆盖和低植的本地蕨类植物、林地植物 。

The planting design for this courtyard evolved around the idea of an urban forest and re-used most of the existing plantings that existed in the space.  The site receives a medium level of light, ideal for a forest under-story mix.  The plantings include groves of smaller trees including birch, serviceberry, magnolia and ornamental maples as well as a layer of ground-covers and low plantings of native ferns, woodland plants, hostas and hellebores.

面积: 13000平方英尺_客户:私人公寓板
合作者:托马斯·芬尼曼建筑师(建筑师) -克里斯托弗·罗马
承包商:天际线修复- Stephan andretos

Location: Greenwich Village, Manhattan,  NY
Size: 13,000 Square Feet _Client: Private Condo Board
Collaborators: Thomas Fenniman Architect (Architect) – Christopher Rome
Contractor: Skyline Restoration – Stephan Andreatos