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GND:Kinsway International is the first project of Vanke Group in Jiangmen city, aiming to create a sense of urban temperature. Located in core area of Pengjiang District, it is a scenario-experienced commercial block to meet the higher spiritual and cultural needs of consumers. The optimization and improvement of the urban interface and the high-quality services of Vanke properties have contributed to the demonstration of the industry-city integration in the downtown area.



Connection, interaction and integration across multiple boundaries


Vanke Group and GND Landscape have worked together to break the physical boundary between landscape, architecture and urban space in design of Jiangmen Vanke Kinsway International Exhibition Area. The design takes advantages of the natural and cultural landscape resources, and responds to these boundaries, so as to display and convey the vitality of the city, forming an active neighborhood atmosphere and bringing the ideal city to a new level.


▼将景观功能叠置在原有的建筑空间肌理上,每一部分都与建筑功能和城市空间有联系和互动 The landscape function is overlapped on the original texture of architectural space, and each part is connected and interacted with the architectural function and urban space.


City Theater丨Continue the historical context and enrich the quality connotation of the city.


At the beginning, we have searched the memories and historical changes of this land, through investigation and survey on the city and history and discussion with the local community. There are two ancient trees which have witnessed the changes of the land.


▼场地现状 Current situation of the site



In the memory, there were many interesting stories happened under the big tree in the village entrance. Villagers were gossiping together, and friends were playing chess or Tai-Chi, while children were also having lots of fun under the tree.


▼场地记忆插画 Illustration of site memories



The landscape designer has carried on these beautiful memories in the site, allowing residents to find a sense of belonging and happiness.


▼设计概念 Design Concept



The design of the city theater is developed around old trees, constructing a corridor bridge suspended in the air, which is attached to the outdoor platform of the original building to form a walkway connecting up and down. The multi-directional flow in the space enhances the degree of freedom and openness, making the space more innovative and visually captivating.


▼场地剖面 Site section view

▼美好生活提案–城市剧场的一天 Proposal for a better life – a day in the city theater

▼实景图 Real Scene



The children’s playground and the water-featured interactive installation are set up under the big tree to create an immersive experience for residents with interesting parent-child interactions.




The amusement facilities full of mystery and fantasy of the outer space create a sense of surreal breakthrough, with the merge and collision of the cosmic starry sky scene and the century-old tree, which is a metaphor for the technology and the future, the inheritance and rebirth.




This project has not only created a landscape space that can be participated and experienced, but also built a diversified and comprehensive service system, with the community as the core and the family as the unit. It has provided residents with a pleasant environment and a variety of public facilities, so that residents can fully enjoy this convenient, efficient and ecological lifestyle without any time or place restrictions in their community.


▼城市剧场生活场景 Scenes of life in city theater

▼城市剧场互动装置 Interactive Installations in city theater




项目地点:广东  江门
策划/视效:iDEER LAB.

Project name: Vanke Kinsway International
Owner: Vanke Group (Jiangmen)
Landscape design: GND Landscape
Design content: full-cycle landscape design of the exhibition area
Project location: Jiangmen, Guangdong
Project area: 17000 square meters
Design time: March 2020
Completion time: September 2020
Design cycle: 7 weeks
Chief Designer: Qiu Ge, Zhong Yongcheng、Li Bing
Concept design: Luo Feng, Zhou Jiang, Liu Yun, Ye Xuerui, Gong Haoze, Yuan Dongyang, Yan Xingxing, Zuo Zhaohui, Pan Xiao, Huang Hong, Lai Guilong, Chen Minfan, Zhang Huiyi, Long Fengjiao, Hou Yanyu
Construction drawing design: Dai Jianli, Lin Guanxi, Ou Xuexia, Li Yanhuan, Wang Quanxiang, Liu Yubin, Liu Jinsha, Yang Youqiang, Hu Zhenhong
Plant design: Luo Chuyi, Liu Qin
Hydroelectric design: Zhou Peng, Hu Mingyao
Planning/Visual Effects: iDEER LAB.
Project Photography: Boqisi Photograph


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  1. 服务单一年龄层的倾向太强烈,反而削弱了场地本身的气质。村口的老树对于南方很多村庄来说,是类似“精神堡垒”一样的存在,老人和儿童活动较多,在婚丧嫁娶的时候还可以作为集会场地,有的村庄还会当做祭祀场地。而且目前这个处理方式,只留下了儿童的活动,短期来说可以吸睛,长久来看却把本来当代农村中缺失的地域文脉进一步稀释了

    1. 特别赞同!另外就是一些装置的细节设计不行,比如尺度问题,只考虑的儿童,没有考虑大人的使用,有一张图大人和头部都直接挨着顶了,另外就是现在的小孩子营养好,身高普遍较高,所以尺度我觉得还可以再调整。

    2. 不能这么片面的说,所谓的“精神堡垒”是过去家庭,族群聚集,集会,活动的场所;重点在于能吸引人聚在一起,因为活动和仪式等形式已随着时间和发展而更新了。保留古树只是保留了文化的象征意义,另外场地吸引的是老人,孩子,女性等家庭类的人,不是单一的儿童;只有要聚集,就会有新的当代集会活动(广场舞等)发生。设计不是为了保留而保护,而是为了创造新的“精神堡垒”——古树新生