JAMES TAPSCOTT:这件精致而壮观的艺术品坐落在当地一个重要的佛教寺庙的入口处,吸引着游客沿着通向寺庙场地的小路前行。一圈薄雾环绕着一座桥,这座桥横跨河面,河面就是薄雾的源头。而河流的源头就在附近积雪正在消融的山上。作品的形状象征了水的周期循环,在经历了固、液等不同形态后流下山,再以蒸发的雾的形式回到山中。虽然这项装置带给人们的经历像是一次简单的跨越门槛,但当你进入寺庙时,它就是你的身体和灵魂通过的一个充满意义的空间门。

JAMES TAPSCOTT:Situated at the entrance to an important local Buddhist Temple, Hotokizaki Kanon-ji, a delicate yet imposing artwork beckons viewers along the pathway leading to the temple grounds. A ring of mist encircles a bridge that crosses the little river below, the source of the mist. The source of the river itself is nearby, up in the mountains where the snow is still melting. The shape of the work represents the cyclical journey of the water, through all states, down the mountain, and back up again as evaporated mist. While the experience of the work is one of crossing a threshold, of passing through a significant space both physically and internally, as you enter the Temple grounds.


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During the day the mist plays with the ambient conditions to produce crepuscular rays throughout the site, and rainbows around the viewer, while in the darker hours the mist is illuminated from lighting embedded within the structure, taking on a fiery glow.


2017年日本阿尔卑斯艺术节的开幕活动在日本阿尔卑斯地区的奥马奇镇及其周围举行… 更多相关事件信息,请点击 http://shinano-omachi.jp/阅读。

特别鸣谢Art Front Gallery及澳大利亚驻东京大使馆。

The Japan Alps Art Festival’s inaugural event in 2017 was held in and around the town of Omachi in the spectacular Japan Alps area… More info about this amazing event can be found at http://shinano-omachi.jp/

Special thanks to Art Front Gallery and the Australian Embassy, Tokyo.




尺寸: 直径6m
年份: 2017年

Location: Omachi, Japan
Materials: Mist, light, mirror, steel, rigging, pumps, nozzles, filters
Size: 6m diameter
Year: 2017


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