Ararte :  这个景观项目位于立陶宛(Jurbarkas)西部尤尔巴尔卡斯( Lithuania )小镇镇中心。这个场地距离小镇中心和主要的广场非常近,邻近市政大楼,学校,图书馆和商店。场地的方位还是相当复杂:场地有一些林木覆盖,一条小径通过丘陵起伏的地形,周边围绕一些私人房屋和花园。因为在尤尔巴尔卡斯(Lithuania )已经由很多类似的地方,临近自然公园。因此我们的想法是改变场地的精神,将它和城市用地更好地结合在一起。我们选择了临时的材料和形态,但是将他们很好地匹配现状,混凝土是实现我们目标的最佳选择。混凝土是当代城市文化的标志之一,且可以用于不同的方式。我们使用白色作为阶梯和座椅,黑色混凝土瓦用于填充他们之间的空隙。这些阶梯座椅是多功能元素,他们将被不同年龄段的人用不同的方式使用。黑与白的对比,城市与自然的对比,直线和有机材料的形态是我们设计该景观应用的重要艺术原则。

Ararte :  This landscape project is located in the center of the town of Lithuania in the west of the country. The site is very close to the town center and main square, and is adjacent to municipal buildings, schools, libraries and shops. The location of the site is still quite complicated: the site is covered with some trees, a small path passes through hilly terrain, and some private houses and gardens surround the site. Because in Lithuania, there are already many similar places near the natural park. Therefore, our idea is to change the spirit of the venue and better integrate it with urban land. We have chosen temporary materials and forms, but they are well matched with the current situation. concrete is the best choice to achieve our goal. Concrete is one of the symbols of contemporary city culture and can be used in different ways. We use white as steps and seats, and black concrete tiles are used to fill the gaps between them. These ladder seats are multi-functional elements, and they will be used by people of different ages in different ways. The contrast between black and white, the contrast between city and nature, the shape of straight lines and organic materials are the important artistic principles for us to design the landscape application.




We have found that there are three different zones with diverse atmosphere and viewpoints that people pass through when they cross the park. Our purpose was to shape them and emphasize the scale, function and atmosphere of each of them. The amphitheatre zone- the largest one we developed with the spot fountains and little creek streaming down by concrete stairs and nice view to the town – perfect place for gatherings, town events and celebrations. The hillock place- a tiny place to spend time for several people more separately and the third zone- square type chamber place, perfect for reading, spending time with small children, etc.


负责建筑师:Dr. ArnoldasGabrėnas,AgnėGabrėnienė

Architects: Ararte
Location: Jurbarkas, Lithuania
Architects in Charge :Dr. Arnoldas Gabrėnas, Agnė Gabrėnienė
Area: 14400.0 sqm
Project Year :2015
Photographs :Agnė Gabrėnienė
Client :Administration of Jurbarkas District municipality