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HID:Located in Changping District that is in the north of Beijing and south of Mount Yangshan, and the northern extension line of the central axis of the Forbidden City, it is a large-scale indoor spring instrument park renovation project.



-项目背景- About the Old Water City


When we firstly learn about such project, we deal with it in awe. The first aspect is its geographic position. As the “town” in the northern extension line of the central axis of the Forbidden City, it offers us the imagination blindly; The second aspect is its experience. As a large-scale hot spring aquatic entertainment venue established 20 years ago, it once held a series of the CCTV talent shows and the Hot Spring Leisure City was popular at that time.


▽项目区位 Location of Project




With the emergence of the network streaming media in 2013, the main customer groups have lost and the homogeneous project has increased, so the Hot Spring Leisure City is gradually overwhelmed. At the end of 2019, we could observe that: there are few visitors and they are mainly the middle-aged and elderly people around. When you click the Baidu search and Xiaohongshu to check the surrounding theme cultural tourism projects related to hot springs and spas, everyone is popular and prosperous and the leisure city looks like an old man.

Under the bleak and chilly winter, we walked in the Hot Spring Leisure City with the out-of-data and “royal styles” and consider what should be done to change it.


▽改造前实景 Real scene before transformation


– 关于工作内容 – About what we do


温都水城的景观设计不止于景观设计,我们的工作内容至少包含并不仅于以下三方面 The landscape design at least includes, but is not limited to three aspects below:

1. 挖掘找寻项目的气质属性,为微度假生活提供一个Myth(故事),开辟一个全新的“异次元”世界。尤拉赫拉利说,人类一切的宗教信仰、政治体制、甚至现代公司,都是在一个个myth基础上建立起来的。一个拥有二十年历史的老牌度假目的地的更新迭代,需要吸引年轻人目光,承载多项室内外水上游乐项目,自然也需要一个故事赋予其新生。这个故事必须具有以下几大特性:故事性,必须有理有据有根源的故事,才有令人信服的内容;逻辑自洽性,闭合的逻辑,才具有欣欣向荣的不断衍生的生命力;可落地性,必须投入可控且具有实操价值;前瞻性,必须符合当下以及未来的审美趋势。HID的设计师非常有幸参与到这个项目中,为这个项目提供一个故事,并被采纳落地。

2. 以客群为出发点,以运营为根本,以组织动线为轴承,用艺术构建这个全新的世界。


3. “面面”俱到,景观、建筑、室内一体化设计


At the beginning, the owner reached the basic setting of the project: Mini holiday. It would a holiday tourism destination that includes the large-scale hot spring water amusement project, unpowered amusement project for children, small amusement project for children and hot spring holiday leisure project, etc. Besides, it will also be the training base of various cross-country activities (including the mountain marathon, sailing, phreatic water, equestrian, scientific education and archery, etc.) and the club base at the foot of mount Yangshan. Its targeted customer group is clear: post-80s new middle class families and post-90s young cross-country players in Beijing. It will become the first station of the small and concrete Beijing holiday leisure activities with the hot spring water recreation and hot spring recuperation as the core, supplemented by the Yangshan cross-country activities.

1. Explore and find the project property, provide a myth for the micro holiday life and establish a new “dimensional” world. Yuval Noah Harari said that all religion beliefs, political systems and even modern companies are established on the myth. To attract the young people, the update of a famous holiday destination over twenty years bear the multiple indoor and outdoor water recreation projects, and it shall be decorated with a myth. Such myth shall have the following features: the mythtelling property. The well-founded myth could be convincing; logical self-consistency and closed logics enable its constant development and update; Implementable. The investment shall be controlled and it shall be of the practical values; Forward-looking. It shall comply with the current and future aesthetic tendency. It is fortunate for the HID designers to participate in the project and offer the myth for such project, which has been implemented.

2. This project takes the customer group as the core, the operation as the foundation and the organizational line as the components to construct the new world.

The designer constructs a new space value system with imagination and we describe the myth with the arts, rather than conveying the single plot element. At the beginning, we highlight the spatial experiences and artistic vision and pay less attention on the plots and decoration in the design principles. Myth is taken as the design foundation, the abstract design is adopted to describe the atmosphere naturally and the overall memory is established. The group could look forward to “the readers have the unique understandings of Hamlet” in the unique space.

3.Every factor is considered and the landscape, architecture, interior integration are taken into account.

Lin Yutang, a design life master, once said that the best architecture is that we live there, but have no ideas on when to terminate. The art starts there.” The excellent paradise shall be: “we play in it, but do not know where the art ends and when it starts? “We find a Myth, express the Myth with the art, decorate the surface with a complete spatial vision system and reasonably integrate into the landscape, architecture and interior.



– 我们的Myth -About our Myth


What is a dimensional world at the corner in the north axis of the Forbidden City, at the foot of the mount Dayang, and beside the Wenyu river?

1.气质 Temperament


最后我们在种种愿景中,锁定了 “惊奇”、“度假”、“高颜值” 三词。


Firstly, we shall answer: What are the properties for such desitnation? What are the core that attracts the young people around Beijing could visit here through the congested fourth ring road? We hope that the audiences could have an adventurous experience and appreciate the wonderful scenery. Besides, we hope that the adults could enjoy the warmth of sun in the steaming hot spring pool, while drinking the cocktail. The children could play in the dreaming water toys. We also hope that the audiences could return here again, rather than releasing the selfie only.

Finally, we fix “amazing”, “holiday” and “good-looking” among the various visions.

We search the data, visit Mount Yanshan, Tangshan and Yangshan, browse the history of the lake Wenyu and even learn about the history of Wu Sangui and the abolished crown prince. Finally, we select a myth of changing. At the foot of the Mount Yangshan, the intense crustal movement makes the hot spring gush from the deep mountain and it would be flowed in the Wenyu riverway (it is called as Wenyu river in the history records). Hence, the hot spring inflows here, making it an attractive site. It is the place where the amazing things occur and the elves and exotic beasts appear. The prehistoric monsters in Classic of Mountains and Rivers surround here and the visitors will have a fantastic adventure in the Hot Spring Island.


▽概念示意 Schematic concept


2.手段 Means



In the myth system, we attempt to take the design under the contemporary aesthetics as a time shuttle with the amazing experience, and put the hot spring paradise in the north of Beijing in the 21st century to the bank of Wenyu river at the foot of Mount Yanshan in the ancient period. However, we would like to make the difference from the Disney-style theme park. At the beginning of design, we agreed with the owner and followed the principles of ” highlighting the spatial experiences and artistic vision and paying less attention on the plots and decoration” in the design.

Taking “the amazing trip of the artistic spirit in the Hot Spring Island” as the theme, we construct a flexible and vivid parallel world and it includes several keywords: Island texture, elves color, elves box, mountain and sea art device.


▽精灵盒子景观装置 Spirit box landscape installation



The Hot Spring Island is built with the texture lines and you could observe the traces of the soft and cute elves. Without the elves themselves, but the pieces of candy color and candy-color fairy boxes, the traces could be found after the exotic beasts in Classic of Mountains and Rivers cross the crust and ice wall. This is a candy-color elves world: Under the warm and rising atmosphere, the visitors could experience the fun of the high-speed sideway, witness the wisdom of the water technology, taste the afternoon tea cooked in hot spring under the warm sun and feel the modern and unique holiday experience.


▽装置落位图 Device location map



洲岛肌理 Island texture:


It comes from the constitutive curve after our alienation of the islands and it is popular in the contemporary landscape. It is conductive to define the space, shift the change line, guide the line of sight and control the price. Besides, it is consistent with the impression of the island, so the following site texture appears:


▽折曲线场地构成 Fold curve field composition


精灵色系 Elves color:


We could not define the morphology of elves, because we have not observed the elves. They may be the stone, river or even the tree. They may be princess Ada in the Monument valley, but we could extract the color, which may be the pink, interesting and vivid candy color system. Hence, a complete color system is designed as follows:


▽热泉精灵 Hot spring spirit


精灵盒子 Elves box:


It shall have the small attractive space with color and texture. We provide the box of artistic senses in the island and it is attached with the elves color. The fine metal mesh has a hazy sense of fading under the effect of lamination and it may be the trace after the elves pass by.


▽金属网精灵盒子 Metal mesh Sprite box


“山海”艺术装置 “Water and mountain” art device:


The candy-color amusement equipment controls the site boundary and the “water and mountain” art devices are the main role filling in the space. The ice wall as the background of the whole indoor venues, the fragile snake skeleton in the site and the giant fish roaming in the empty space are the enlightenment in Classic of Mountains and Rivers.


▽戏水乐园 Water play Park


3. 空间 Space

在经历一系列的构想之后,一切都必须回归理性。故事是吸引人的外表,非常重要,但该项目最终还是一个室内大型游乐器械为主的改造项目, 一切装置、故事、场景、休憩空间都是在以游乐运营为前提的理性分析之后,有机嵌入的。

After a series of ideas on the space, everything shall return to the rationality. The myth is an attractive appearance and it is quite important, but it is a renovation project that focuses on the large-scale indoor instrument. Every device, myth, scene and rest space are inserted organically after the rational analysis of the amusement operating.



4. 落地 Implementation

落地过程中有三大难点 There are three difficulties in the implementation:

一是室内边界。The first aspect is the indoor boundary.


二是改造过程。The second aspect is the renovation process.


三是装置落地。Three is the device landing.


Although we define it as a landscape project, but there is no doubt that the core area falls in the closed greenhouse and it is an indoor integration project of the construction landscape in an absolute meaning. The scenes do not take the sky as the background, but the walls around. Hence, we shall consider the site and background boundaries in the design.

All in all, it is a renovation project and the original facilities may be removed, transferred and updated. During the disassembly process, the devices, paths and trees that are in the original as-built drawing will appear behind the artificial hill, beneath the pool and above the node. Hence, the myth is complete and nice, but the process is repeated. What we could do is remain true to the original aspiration and work toward the same orientation.
The third aspect is the device implementation.

Actually, the construction and cost are the elements to be considered in the implementation of the large device. After the discussions and simplifications, we determine the final shape.





The planning, design and implementation of the theme park renovation is more like a dream-realizing process. The design is to balance the dreamed design and the disorder of reality, but the final dream-like scene presented means that it is worthy. It is fortunately that we could join in the dream-building process, so that every season of northern Beijing could be incredible.




项目名称:热泉精灵的奇幻假日—WAVE TOWN北京温都水城水梦奇缘

Project name: Fantastic Holiday of Hot Spring Elves — A Dream Trip to WAVE TOWN Beijing Hot Spring Leisure City
Year completed: July 2021
Project area: 45,000 square meters
Project location: Beijing
Design Company: HID Landscape
Company website: www.hidscape.com
Contact us at info@hidscape.com
Client: Beijing Wendu Water City Water Culture Development Co., LTD
Photographer: Nancy studio



审稿编辑: Maggie

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