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Feldman Architecture:阿瑟顿凉亭是一栋现代住宅的两座附属建筑,其设计细节丰富,被业主想象为景观的一部分。两座亭子的占地面积、高度和材料都完全相同,但却有两种不同的功能:一座是户外厨房和用餐空间,另一座则是冥想场所或健身室。

Feldman Architecture:The Atherton pavilions are two accessory structures rich in detail and imagined by the owners to be of the landscape. Both of identical footprint, height, and materials, these jewel boxes have two distinct functions: one serves as an outdoor kitchen and dining space, and the other as a meditation or workout room.


© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse



在一场新的景观过程中,设计师巧妙地将凉亭安置在红杉和其他现有大树构成的景观中。客户希望亭子是透明的、分离的,以融入周围的植物软景。我们的团队(Feldman Architecture)与 Thuilot Associates 紧密合作,在花园和凉亭之间实现了完美的过渡。

After searching extensively for their perfect home, the homeowners fell in love with a contemporary house on a flag lot in Atherton, continuously adding to the property over the years. A small garage expansion and a top floor addition provided additional space for their growing family, but the clients had yet to realize the full potential of their lush and private backyard.

The pavilions are delicately placed amidst the existing landscape of redwoods and other mature trees – the clients desired the boxes to be transparent and discrete to blend in with the surrounding softscape. Our team collaborated closely with Thuilot Associates to soften the transition between garden and pavilion.


© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse



Landscaping interventions unify the two pavilions with a new water feature and decks that float off the structures. Next to the organically shaped pool, the kitchen pavilion acts as an extension of the pool and outdoor lounge area. An outdoor kitchen with a wood-fired oven, Santa Maria grill, undercounter refrigerator, and extensive storage compliment the new dining space. The second pavilion sits further back on the lot, meant to be a retreat space for yoga, exercise, and meditation.


© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse



Lifting the pavilion’s concrete foundations at the front and rear of each pavilion creates an edge – giving the illusion that the structures are hovering over the lush landscaping below. At either end of each pavilion, concrete returns to the site, tying the structures back to the earth.


© Adam Rouse



The pavilions’ facades are wrapped in naturally weathering Alaskan Yellow Cedar that shroud each end of both structures while screens help form trellises on the front and back. The wood screens serve each pavilion in contrasting ways, introducing privacy into the exercise and meditation pavilion, and a feeling of openness in the kitchen pavilion. The owners encouraged a soft wood palette, with the intent that the materials would weather, further easing the relatively new objects into their verdant surroundings. The concept carries onto the interior finishes – hand-troweled plaster, concrete floors and blackened stainless steel will age with grace.


© Adam Rouse
© Adam Rouse


▽场地平面图 Site plan

Courtesy of Feldman Architecture


▽厨房平面图 Kitchen Pavilion Plan

Courtesy of Feldman Architecture


▽健身房平面图 Gym Pavilion Plan

Courtesy of Feldman Architecture


▽设计流程图 Design Process Diagram

Courtesy of Feldman Architecture


▽健身房以及厨房效果图 Gym & Kitchen Rendering

Courtesy of Feldman Architecture


▽厨房效果图 Kitchen Pavilion 

Courtesy of Feldman Architecture


▽健身房立面效果图 Gym Elevation

Courtesy of Feldman Architecture




面积:每个结构 450平方英尺
项目地点:加利福尼亚州 阿瑟顿

景观/建筑公司:Feldman Architecture 和 Thuilot Associates
首席建筑师:Jonathan Feldman,FAIA 和 Anjali Iyer

承包商:Design Line Construction
景观设计:Thuilot Associates
结构工程师:Daedalus Structural Engineering
土木工程师:Lea & Braze Engineering
岩土工程师:Romig Engineers Inc
图片来源:Adam Rouse

Project Name: Atherton Pavilions
Completion Year: 2019
Scale: 450 sqft per pavilion
Project Location: Atherton, CA

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Feldman Architecture and Thuilot Associates
Website: www.feldmanarchitecture.com
Contact e-mail: iverhille@feldmanarch.com
Lead Architects: Jonathan Feldman, FAIA and Anjali Iyer

Contractor: Design Line Construction
Landscape Design: Thuilot Associates
Structural Engineer: Daedalus Structural Engineering
Civil Engineer: Lea & Braze Engineering
Geotechnical Engineer: Romig Engineers Inc
Photo Credits: Adam Rouse
Photographer’s Website: https://www.adamrousephotography.com




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